How should you spend time in Auroville if you don’t meditate?

Back in 2013, after completing a huge project, I went on a break for 10 days out of which I decided to spend 3 in Puducherry. After the release of ‘Life of Pi’  in 2012, I have been rooting to experience the ‘French’ touch, they say exists in Puducherry (I am going to call it…

8 Mobile Apps. that every traveler must have.

2016 looks impressive in terms of extended weekends. Club your leave with optional offs & get yourself a holiday. Whether you are a crazy planner or believe to be ‘in the moment’, there are a few mobile apps. that make our lives easier & our travel happier. Here is a list of top eight mobile…

Royal Rajasthan presents Dharohar Dance Show in Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur

200+ years old Haveli (mansion), 100+ rooms & numerous colorful,  glass jharokhas – that’s Bagore ki Haveli for you. Situated by Gangaur Ghat in the vicinity of Pichola Lake, the Haveli offers a travel, back in time when ‘art’ was exclusive & ‘culture’ was revered. The silent corridors, airy balconies & open terrace, tell tales of a bygone royal…

Picture yourself in the Pine forests of Palani Hills, Kodaikanal

Situated in the lap of Palani hills, Kodaikanal is one of the finest hill stations we have. As you drive towards Kodai, the landscape changes gradually with glimpses of Eucalyptus trees against the backdrop of Pine trees. Temperature falls down degree by degree & even before you realise, your hands start searching for a jacket. Cross the hairpin bends & in half an hour, you are in the hill station brimming with honeymoon couples.

Not just any coconut, it’s the king coconut!

Come South India, and all you see around- is – coconut trees – at all geometrical angles possible. You see tall, towering coconut trees, standing with pride. You see slightly flexible coconut trees pulling off all Yogamudras that you can’t even think of. You see coconut trees, one after the other, along the road, waving…

5 things, a true traveller won’t do!

No matter how much you have travelled, no matter how well you can write, no matter how great you can photograph; you are not a great traveller if you litter, cheat & hurt. In my opinion, you don’t qualify to be a traveller if you: Litter around: why do we travel? Because we love to see, observe…

Rich & Rustic Rock Art at Edakkal Caves, Wayanad

Edakkal Caves – the caves between the stones are an exemplary example of rock art. While the beautiful carvings of animals and human beings on the rocks signify the life of a long lost age, the mysterious symbols and designs depict multiple objects at the same time like the moods of a woman; neither can…

Jog Falls, Shimoga: magical, musical waters

If Hogwarts were for real & they planned on opening one in India, it had to be right here nearby Jog Falls, Shimoga. The Jog falls would have marked the boundary of the school. The auditorium where us the muggles (homosapiens) watch the light & sound show; the chosen ones would have used it for their quidditch practice. And the boring KSTDC Maurya Hotel would have provided for the classrooms & libraries.

Majestic Thar: Sam, Sand & Sun in Jaisalmer

When you are finally in the Thar, there is nothing but sand all around. Camels merge with the sand & the only thing that stands out is the stroke of colors – Colorful beads around the suave camel neck, colorful attires of ladies singing & dancing, colorful bands in the sky before, during & after the sunset. You might not know but there exists a romantic in you. And that romantic manifests in the Thar.

Conversations & Camaraderie over Chai at Cha Bar, Delhi

I grew up in a middle class, north indian, baniya family. We celebrate everything over chai. People have come over lunch – we make tea. They have had lunch – we offer tea. They have stayed back till evening – we force tea. And once they have gone, we soothe ourselves over sips of tea.

Nainital: 7 must-do’s in the foothills of Kumaon

The honeymoon destination of 80s & 90s – Nainital -is one of the most beautiful, commercialized & planned hill stations of India.

Situated in the Kumaon foothills of mighty Himalayas, this hill station still manages to take your breath away. If you visit it in Summers, the bright, green colors of Pine & Oak tress leave you amazed & happy. And if you visit Nainital in winters, it takes you straight to the Bollywood movie scenes of 90’s where a newly wed couple is aiming & throwing snowballs at each other & suddenly the ‘heroine’ slips on the slippery, white snow only to be caught by the ‘hero’ in time.

Waah Chai: from the diary of a tea addict!

Sunrise, showers, morning, winters, evenings, gossips, hill stations, Sunday afternoons, today & everyday, a cup of chai (tea) is for every time & for every one! Captures straights from the Tea Museum, Munnar – the land of tea estates!

Include these 10 things in your next Road Trip!

Thinking of a road trip but worrying over whether it’s a good decision or not?! I would say, think not! Go on & hit the road! When you go on a road trip, you feel the travel. You breathe in the place, take stops at the local eateries & see for yourself how the landscape…