Hidden gems of India: Sparkling Kapu beach of Udupi, Karnataka

A beach takes your problems and makes them disappear like smoke in the air. This is probably why our generation likes to steal weekends and spend it on a beach where no one can disturb us. You could catch-up with your long bought book while sipping a cappuccino or you could lose yourself in the mighty waves while your mind relaxes beer after beer.

While it’s largely made up of sand, waves and stones, every beach is unique. Some are jeweled with fancy clubs and bars while others appeal to the souls in pursuit of self.

One such beach that we discovered in our recent trip to Western Ghats was – Kaup (pronounced Kapu) beach in the famous food city of Karnataka – Udupi.

Those who want to skip the craziness of everyday life of a metropolitan; who want to experience what ‘quiet’ feels like; who do not fear the silence and can muster the courage to talk with self when no one is watching and no one is listening – would love the serene and undiscovered beach of Kaup in Udupi, Karnataka. 

It was 4 o’ clock in the evening. The Sun was blinding my eyes and I could feel my skin burning. I got out of the car and followed my husband and siblings who were taking the lead in finding the shortest route to the beach.

Kapu beach of  Udupi, Karnataka

Kapu beach of karnataka on Life on weekends

We long jumped a fence and straight away landed on the beach. I looked North & saw a vast sea to the point I could stretch my vision. There were very few people on the beach. After every 200 meters, a few colorful boats lay still on the beach like they were taking a day off from their work.

I walked a few steps and saw a white, long structure that reminded me of Qutub Minaret from Delhi. After wearing my glasses, I could see clearly – it was a lighthouse. And I was right on time. It was to stay open for one more hour. We bought tickets and entered the building that has fascinated me the most since childhood.

Kapu lighthouse beach on life on weekends

Kapu beach, Lighthouse:

As a kid, I always thought that one can lose themselves on the stair cases of a light house and can stray to the dark areas where the sailors must have hidden away the treasure. Lighthouses never scared me. I was fascinated with them.

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We started climbing the stairs. My husband in the lead, I was towing him, my sister was right behind me and my brother was busy clicking pictures somewhere in the middle. It was a long, steep climb with room for only person to be on stairs at a time. After a 5 minute climb and tons of sweat, we reached to the top. The beach looked huge from up here.  The beach must have carved the biggest piece of the ocean and kept it hidden for so many years. You could see all the colors of happiness from up here – green of soothing vegetation, yellow of warm sun rays and blue of cold water. You shouldn’t miss it for anything.

Light house timings: 4 pm to 6 pm

However, if you are afraid of heights and have a hint of claustrophobia, do not go up the lighthouse. The stairs are steep and the room on top of the light house is very narrow. A few tragedies have happened on the beach before. So, better stay careful.

Light house, Kapu beach, Udupi, Karnataka at Life on weekends

Kapu beach map:

Kapu beach, located on the shores of Arabian sea, stretches beyond the horizon. The lighthouse is to the right of the beach, after the stones and boulders. A tiny strip of backwaters, dotted by coconut trees, is placed to the back of the lighthouse in the most clandestine manner.

You could secure a quiet spot on a rock or in the middle of the beach and stare at waves for hours. They remain quieter than the mornings. Stay till the Sun set and create some memories.

Kapu beach stones and boulders, life on weekends

Kapu beach: stay & resorts

You could plan a day at Udupi and stay in one of the many beautiful resorts around Kapu. Have a look  here. 

Word of Caution:

  1. Ladies – do not wear dresses if you are visiting the light house. The stairs are coiled and people in tow can see everything.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes/ footwear. You will walk a lot.
  3. Do not stay back alone at the beach after dark. It gets deserted and not safe if travelling alone.

Travelling attractions nearby Kapu beach:

There are many, famous temples nearby Kapu beach such as Sri Krishna temple. If you are planning a day in Udupi, you could pay a visit to some.

Fun Facts about Udupi:

  1. Many Bollywood and Tollywood movies were shot on Kapu beach, Udupi. Speak with some locals and find out for yourselves. You might find out that one of the many scenes of your favorite movie was shot here.
  2. Masala dosa was originated in Udupi.
  3. In a temple – Udupi Math, temple serves food on the floor and devotees eat straight from the floor. Fascinating, isn’t it?