13 reasons why you should visit Delhi Haat every month!

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Delhi Haat is a brilliant example of what India stands for. Step inside Delhi Haat & you would understand what ‘Unity in Diversity’ means. Be it Momos of Nagaland stall, Madhubani paintings of Bihar, intricate craft work from Orrisa and Jharkhand or beautiful embroidery items from Kashmir; Delhi Haat gives you all.

Visit Delhi Haat and you would know why we call our India, ‘Incredible India’. Visit Delhi Haat and you would know what happens when all 29 states come together in one place and showcase their legacies and talents.

I have been going to Delhi Haat for years now. I meet all my friends here at least once in a year. We go for a family outing to Delhi Haat at least once in 6 months. And I visit Delhi Haat almost every month because it fulfils both my love interests – Shopping and Chai!

I present to you 13 compelling reasons that are strong enough for you to visit Delhi Haat every month:

1. Kulhar Chai:

Oh yes, the blog belongs to a Chai (tea) lover. The biggest reason for  visiting Delhi Haat must be the hot, relaxing Kulhar Chai they serve at Rajasthan stall. Every sip relaxes you a little more. Personal or professional, all woes can be forgotten over a Kulhar of Chai.

Kulhar Chai, Rajasthan Stall, Delhi Haat!

2. Kaleidoscopic memories:

Remember the guy that came with a huge box of pictures from a land far, far away. For INR 1, you could travel to hills, mountains and plateaus where it was ‘all play & no homework’. And ‘all play & no work’, made Jack a happy boy’ too. You see glimpses of your childhood in Delhi Haat. Tunes of Flute, paper boats & a big Kaleidoscope – all remind of the fond childhood that  we, kids of 80’s, had.


3. Food of India:

Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam, Punjab or Nagaland – almost every delicacy is available to indulge your palate.

Must eat: Momos, Chowmein, Rajasthan thali, Fruit beer & of course, Kulhar Chai.

Rajasthani Thali, Daal Baati Choorma, Gatta Curry & much more. Mouth watering yet?

4. Colors of Photography:

The mornings of all seasons, afternoons of winters & evenings of Summers – they all present to you opportunities to click ‘India’ in one place. Pick whichever camera you have at home & click away. No matter how bad you are at photography, you will still startle yourself. That’s the magic of Delhi Haat.

Colors of Photography, Delhi Haat!

5. Kashmiri Embroidery:

Whenever you go to Delhi Haat, you always find stalls full of coats, jackets, bedsheets & other items decorated with Kashmiri Embroidery. You get everything under the sun, here & good too.

Pick one or two pieces for you.

Tip: You have to bargain hard. They quote exorbitant prices.


6. Silk stoles and dupattas:

Ladies, take a deep breath beacuse you have just entered Silk land where they sell happiness because they sell Silk.

Silk stoles, dupattas, jackets, Sarees- they got everything. Yes, buy one!


7. Gifts for Family & Friends:

Paper Mache, wooden boxes , jute bags – everything is available for sale. Not even that, paintings & handicraft from all over the country is available too- at affordable prices. You might want to buy these as they make excellent gifts for friends and family.


8. Something cool, something beautiful:

I have been going to Delhi Haat for years and I find something unique and adorable every time. You cannot hold yourself from buying these rare finds and your hands will invariably find your  wallet! I found this in my last visit to Delhi Haat.


9. Bags, Jootis, Kolhapuris:

Yes, Delhi Haat keeps a variety of Bags, Rajasthani Jootis, Leather Sandals and Kolhapuris. I bet you can’t leave without buying a pair for yourself.


10. Home decor:

If you are like me – passionate about cluttering your Home with everything that is remotely beautiful; this place is godfound. You will find everything here – carpets, pillow covers, bedsheets, runners, wooden items, boxes, baskets, showpieces – everything.


11. Shopper’s haven:

Since Delhi Haat is located in South Delhi, it attracts all kinds of crowd – kids, college students, couples, friends, families, elderly & the snobs.

The place has so much to offer – Books, Silver Jewellery, Sarees, Jackets, Trousers, Coats, Stoles, Silver ware, Paintings, home decor, musical instruments, handicraft and much more. It’s a shopper’s delight. It’s the place that sparks love for shopping.

12. Junk Jewellery and Jewellery boxes:

You will find many stalls selling Junk/ Silver Jewellery that can go with many an item from your wardrobe. Yes ma’am! You also get pretty Jewellery boxes in the place too.

I know, you will pick something for yourself when you are in Delhi Haat the next time.


13. Festivals of India:

The most interesting thing about Delhi Haat is that it organizes various festivals dedicated to states, art and culture round the year. Basis the festivals, the stalls change a little and you discover new items every time. Festivals and Fairs continue to change month on month. One more reason to check out the place every month. Yes?

Key Tips: 

  1. Always carry cash with you when you come here. Cards are not accepted.
  2. Keep your phone battery charged or carry a camera. You don’t want to miss the chance of capturing great clicks.

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  2. Rosy says:

    Detailed and well written.
    Your blog made me go down the memory lane and think about my experience when I last visited dilli haat…


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Wow. Thanks Rosy. Really appreciated you taking out time and giving it a read. Thanks. 🙂


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