Photo blog: Cultural Heritage & Architectural Wonders of Somanathapura

Whenever I think that I have traveled a great deal in India with a few places left to visit; a new place pops up on the maps & I would be awestruck by its beauty & magnificence.

In our last trip to Gaganchukki & Barachukki falls, we visited Somanathapura temples and absolutely loved them. Like the ruins of Vijaynagara Empire, Somanathapura temples are an architectural wonder in themselves that speak volumes about the rich history & vivid mythology of our incredible India.

India is home to such wonders; we have built grandiose & detailed symbols of love in all parts of the country. The world needs to know that the first urban civilization is home to not just one, but many wonders of the world. These are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered by someone, who has real love for history & art & could tell tales of their times. 

Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura:

Somanathapura is a small town, some 35 kms. away from Mysore. The town is famous for the Chennakesava Temple (Kesava or Keshava temple). These temples were built by Soma, a Dandanayaka(commander) in 1268 CE under Hoysala Empire King Narasimha III. That was the time when the Hoysalas were the major power in South India.

Here is a visual journey of Keshava temple of Somanathapura. It’s a treat for eyes and for the soul:

Somanathapura Temple Complex

The designs of a time that has no mention in our History textbooks:

Intricate details on the temple complex

Do you think these wall moldings are telling tales of warfare?

wall moldings of somnathpura temples

Can you even imagine how long it must have taken them to carve these on sandstone?

Sandstone designs of somanathapura temples

You can see a glimpse of ‘Khajuraho’ in most of them:


These pillars have stood the test of time & still stand tall & strong:


Real complex of the temple: elaborate and detailed designs just like our heritage:


When a young soul strives to solve the puzzles of history & time:


Outside the temple complex, there was a big, welcoming tree with many branches & numerous fresh leaves. As I looked at the tree, my husband started talking about the history of Karnataka with many empires and dynasties that ruled the place. All that’s left now is our heritage & umpteen stories like the many leaves of the tree outside the temple complex.



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