Paradise in South – Kovalam, the beach city of Kerala

Coconut trees, Arabian Sea, Crescent-shaped beach, Lighthouses, Giant waves & sumptuous sea food, Kovalam is the paradise of the South, by all means.

You might have seen, bathed in & surfed by a lot of beaches, but this beach will take your breath away. You might have hundred Kilometers of road on you, but this one will freshen you up instantly. You might be the laziest a** possible on the face of this earth, but this one will call you from your hotel’s room & like a moth drawn to a flame, you will be attracted to its waves & will only stop once you are in front of them – drenched, wet & elated. 

Kovalam beachline.jpg

The Crescent of the Kovalam Beach

Spread across a 17 km coastline, separated by rocky outcroppings, the beach town got three beaches that together form the famous crescent of the Kovalam beach:

  • Lighthouse Beach – the most popular and the most frequented beach of the town. Get yourself a shack & enjoy the game of waves. You can also go for surfing. The waves are just apt for a roller coaster surfing experience.

kovalam light house

  • Hawah Beach – Eve’s Beach, more commonly known as Hawa Beach, is always beaming with activities – boating & fishing. The blue waves are at their beautiful best under the serene moonlit skies.


  • Samudra Beach – The beach is not that frequented by tourists as much as it is by fisherman. Nevertheless, beautiful by all measures.


Things to do in Kovalam:

1. Surf the waves, solo or get a boat ride:

They allow both – Surfing and Boating. I went for their motor boat & the ride scared the ‘traveller’ out of me. The sea got a lot of current & the waves continue to play. So, when you go for a boat ride, it feels like you are hitting the rocks because of the energy in the waves. And any moment, your boat can somersault.

Whether you are an adventurer or not, you must experience this. You would either love it or hate it, but would always remember it.

Kovalam boat.jpg

2. Watch the Sun set & click pictures for forever:

It’s a cardinal sin to not watch the Sun set in Kovalam. If you are an early riser, you must watch the Sun rise too.

Walk along the beach, catch your glimpses in the water & shoot yourself in the water, by the water and around the water. Don’t miss it for anything.


3. Eat a fresh, Seawater fish:

Non-vegetarians – eat nothing but fish; smell nothing but fish & dream of nothing but fish. All kinds of fish are served here. You can have your pick from the fresh lot & eat it grilled or fried.

Kovalam fish.jpg

4. Eat out in German Bakery: I love the fact that you have at least one German Bakery in all popular tourist destinations.Be it the hilly areas of Mcleodganj or the city of palaces, Udaipur. Usually, these bakeries don’t disappoint.

This one is a little overpriced for the food they serve, but compensates a lot in the view & ambience. Candle-lit, sea-facing tables with light, instrumental music in the background – you will end up eating more than your appetite. Do check out the place!

Kovalam German bakery.jpg

5. Roam around the local market: The local markets are stuffed with Kashmiri shawls, silver & precious stone studded jewellery & sea food. There is nothing peculiar about the stuff that they sell – leather bags from Kashmir, handicraft from Rajasthan & showpieces from all over the country. However, I will still recommend buying a few souvenirs for your loved ones.

Walk freely in the market and buy a couple of items that steal your heart.

kovalam market1.jpg

Travel Trivia:

Commute: We drove our way to Kovalam. You may either catch a train to Trivandrum or flight to Kochi. And then either take a taxi or a bus to Kovalam.

Stay: You got all  five stars in Kovalam. In fact, Hotels like Leela have got their own beaches too. However, I would strongly recommend staying in a hotel along side the beach. We stayed in Sea Face. You may stay there too.

Food: There are may good restaurants and cafes by the beach. You should try them. Eat sandwiches in one, coffee in another, fish in the third one and dessert in the fourth.

Photography Tips: Click selfies by the lighthouse, by the boats & around the shacks. The best pictures can be produced in early mornings and around 5 pm when the lighting is at its best and all angles work magical.

We stayed only for a day and half in Kovalam. A day is not enough; you should at least plan for 2-3 days.

I am planning my next visit to Kovalam, soon. When are you planning yours?


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