The pursuit of eternal peace at the farthest corner of the country: Kanyakumari

Some come to travel; some come on a pilgrimage & some come in the pursuit of peace to the farthest corner of our country, Kanyakumari. Formerly known as Cape Comorin, the place satiates the spiritual & religious quests of many. And extreme restless souls like mine found solace here like wailing baby who stops sobbing when his mother picks him in her arms & brings her close to chest.

When I stepped out of my car in the premises of my hotel & looked sideways, the sight of a building next to a tall statue of someone in the middle of a roaring ocean put my restless mind & very tensed heart to peace. I felt absolute silence for a minute & continuously looked at the man-made marvel while my turbulent mind became calm, ripple by ripple. 


The places that have a skyline dotted with mountains are always places to be. And a place where you can gaze at the mountains & stare at the oceans, together,  is magical. It can do to you what binge-watching TV shows & tons of ice cream can’t do.


Although my restless mind was at ease in Kanyakumari, I still couldn’t wait to visit the Vivekanand rock memorial situated in the middle of the ocean. After spending 10 mins. on the ferry, I reached the memorial. They asked us to deposit our shoes at the counter & we could roam freely now. Walking on the tiles, bare feet, added on to the experience. Or it probably aided the experience of discovering self in the middle of a mighty ocean.


I get upset at the slightest of remarks or events in my life & I look for avenues to calm me down. After spending thousands of bucks & hours of time at my favorite restaurants & malls, I soothe myself. Interestingly, all my troubles from office and home evaporated when I reached this place. All I felt while looking at these structures was – awe, admiration & wonderment. I spent a couple of hours in this place & didn’t think about my work, strained relationships or pending to-do lists even once. It all felt right – like the pieces of a puzzle that when combined fit together perfectly, leaving no space for anything else.


It rained before we set our feet there. The wind played with my hair & kept gently tapping on my face. The ocean continued to roar while we visited the silent temple & other structures – in the middle of nothing but water.


After the memorial, we headed towards the beach because I was thirsty for more & what’s better than a beach to quench the thirst for more peace. We walked to the beach area & my mind started to weave stories. Stories about my past with others, present with self & future with my better half. Why did the place seem so familiar to me? Did I ever come here before? If not, why do I feel so much at peace here? It almost feels like coming home. The last I felt like this was – when I visited my parents for the first time after my wedding. I hugged my parents tight, ate a lot of home-cooked food & crashed in my bed for hours. 

Kanyakumari felt exactly the same. It felt like home.


Whatever you do; wherever you look – the ocean has a way of attracting you to itself. You can see the reflection of light in the sparking water – makes one hell of a sight. Do you ever wonder why does the sound of waves hitting the beach sound relaxing to every one? Everyone loves that. Every one!



I ended my glorious day in Kanyakumari by watching the sun setting against the ocean. And it was the best therapy I received in years. It all felt so serene, so calm & so natural. The bright sun rays uplift your mood while the growing dusk produces a calming effect.


Somebody once said that Sunset is their favorite color. It is a favorite of mine too for sunsets are a regular affair, but appear magical to a soul wandering in the pursuit of peace, in the quest of love & in the journey of life.



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