About Me

Hello there!

I am Yamini. I was born and brought up in Ghaziabad. The travel bug bit me in 2014 and ‘Life on Weekends’ was born in the November of 2015. Like many travel enthusiasts, I also wish to leave everything behind, pack a suitcase & go on a long trip to the far-flung places of India. But then I get reminded of the EMIs, OTT Subscriptions, Luxury dinners, Memberships, Shopping trips and what not?! Eh, quitting your job to live your passion is overrated anyway! 😀 😀

Like my friends, I had plans of travelling non-stop for a month or six months too. Today – not so much! Now, I travel wherever, whenever it is possible.

Whether it’s a weekend trip to escape the stress of adult life or a meticulously planned itinerary to discover and explore, I absolutely love travelling. And I love my day job equally well. This is why I have no immediate aspirations to ditch my corporate job in the favour of a nomadic life. Full marks to my friends who have done that, for an exemplary show of courage.

‘Life on Weekends’ thus is an account of my travel stories & experiences that I mange to live and create over the weekends (which is when I travel mostly).

I love ‘tea’. And if you love ‘tea’, I already like you. I am a big fan of books and movies and can talk to you about it for hours, without getting tired. I love stories & I love writing. On some days, I suffer from extreme laziness and can only get up from bed after getting rebuked from my husband or after receiving a stinker from a dear colleague at work.

Along with my work, I wish to host a travel show some day & publish a lot many books. Until that happens, I am available to share my stories. If you are interested in engaging with me for any travel/ writing assignments, drop me a message at justyamini.gupta@gmail.com. I will reply in a day.

By the way, if you are not aware, I was on a personal mission to visit all 28 (29 then) states of India by 2020. I was making good progress & then shit happened. Did I say shit?! I meant, Life happened. The revised goal is – to visit all 28 states by 2025!