Just Married? How about these 3 Awesome places for a post wedding shoot?

Greeting Cards, Coffee Mugs or Photography – everything is commercialized & customized these days. Over the past couple of years, the popularity of ‘pre-wedding shoot’ has grown more than that of Sunny Leone. You log on to Facebook & all you see  is – candid photographs of people – drinking water from the same tap – or riding a bicycle – or dancing around a tree in a park. The ‘about to get married’ couple is so much in love that they continue to post one candid pic every day – pretty oblivious to the fact that their ‘so much in love pic’ has resulted in breaking of china plates & cold wars in some place, somewhere,  some Facebook pages away. 

I, by the way, love candid photography & spent a fortune in getting that done during my wedding. However, the “so-called-photographer” screwed that for me. She took such great candid pictures that I am not even in the frame. đŸ˜€

So, you now know that I got unresolved issues because of which I endorse post wedding shoots. And here are three great places for post wedding shoots for every newly wed couple (Other couples – this might help to resolve that cold war).

1.By the beach:  

Nothing is as romantic as watching the Sun set by a beautiful beach. Just when the Sun starts to set, capture a few clicks & treasure them for a lifetime. No matter whenever you look at these, you are bound to feel loved.


2. In a desert: 

Imagine sand all around & you two pulling off the Titanic pose against the backdrop of blue & crimson. All right! Titanic pose might not be the most brilliant idea of all. However, clicking a pic of just you two in a desert that signifies abundance & infinity is so romantic. 


3. Around a temple:

Just check this photo out & tell me – don’t you want to click something like this? This one is clicked by a friend & the one posing is a dear friend too. India is home to many temples that are architecture wonders. You will find at least one in every state. Discover them & click away.

This pic is clicked by Mr. Rajarshi Chowdhury.


Let me know what you think of the post in your comments. If you got any of your post wedding pics that can figure in this post, send that to me. A Lifeonweekends.com goodie awaits you.


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