Royal Rajasthan presents Dharohar Dance Show in Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur

200+ years old Haveli (mansion), 100+ rooms & numerous colorful,  glass jharokhas – that’s Bagore ki Haveli for you. Situated by Gangaur Ghat in the vicinity of Pichola Lake, the Haveli offers a travel, back in time when ‘art’ was exclusive & ‘culture’ was revered. The silent corridors, airy balconies & open terrace, tell tales of a bygone royal era. The decorated artefacts collected over decades, screams out the mysteries & horror of a century that’s mostly remembered in History books for its gory battles & royal wars. The Haveli also houses a seemingly aloof courtyard whose only companion is a tall Neem tree. Their friendship must be exquisite which is why they celebrate it every day with lights, colors & music & address them by ‘Neem Chowk’.

Neem Chowk comes to life at 7 pm every day when a group of extremely talented artists, donned in colorful Rajasthani attire, dance & sing to the tunes of tabla (Indian Drum) & Harmonium (Indian Piano), for 60 mins but win your hearts for a lifetime.

Lights! Colors! Action!


Jharokhas of Bagore ki Haveli – just before the start of ‘Dharohar Dance Show’, Udaipur.

The show starts at 7 pm with a bang when they pay ‘Thanks’ to Goddess Amba & present a drama-cum-dance show signifying the win of good over bad. And the magic begins after that with ladies showcasing various folk dances of Rajasthan that are the attractive & entertaining versions of ‘Yoga’.

While some are the signature ‘Ghoomar’ moves, others are more tribal & community specific. You don’t want to blink even for a second when they present Chari Dance, Terha Taal Dance & Gorbandh Dance. I will not divulge details of what do they mean for you will enjoy the most when you will watch them yourselves. Just know – that you are in for an evening with dance performances where props are ignited brass pots, manjiras (bells), swords & bare, naked glass.

The inauguration dance – the win of good over bad.
The Puppet Show, recommended for kids. Dharohar Show, Bagor ki Haveli, Udaipur.
The Final Performance – totally worth it. Dharohar Show, Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur.

Travel Trivia:

  1. Commute: If you are visiting Udaipur Palace too, Bagore ki Haveli is at a walkable distance from the back gate of the palace. You may also take an auto/ taxi from your hotel.
  2. Must-have’s: Forget the camera, carry a mosquito repellant for sure. Mosquitoes seem thirsty for human blood & will not think twice before feasting on your blood.
  3. Show timings: 7 pm to 8 pm
  4. Language: English & Hindi both
  5. Ticket Price: INR 50 per person (last I visited in April 2015)
  6. Selfie Tip: The best ones come alongside the artists. 🙂

If you live in Udaipur, you must have already watched the show. If you are in Udaipur, go & watch the next show. And if you are thinking to visit Udaipur, you now have a reason to finalise your plan. Dharohar Dance show bejewels  Bagore ki Haveli & is a compelling reason to travel to Rajasthan. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mrssaripalli says:

    Totally love the place!! I am gonna visit this Haveli in my next visit. Missed it last time. The show sounds fascinating. I added it to my wishlist. Lovely writing. Would love to read more about Udaipur specially places near Lake pichola and city palace. load of love 🙂


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thanks Neha. Yes, Udaipur is a great place. I going to write soon about the city and must visit attractions.

      Keep reading! 🙂


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