Rendezvous with Gods in Somanathapura

Somanathapura is a small town, some 35 kms. away from Mysore. The town is famous for the Chennakesava Temple (Kesava orKeshava temple). These temples were built by Soma, a Dandanayaka (commander) in 1268 CE under Hoysala Empire King Narasimha III. That was the time when the Hoysalas were the major power in South India.

Read more about Somanathapura temples here.

India is home to such wonders; we have built grandiose & detailed symbols of love in all parts of the country. The world needs to know that the first urban civilization is home to not just one, but many wonders of the world. These are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered by someone, who has real love for history & art & could tell tales of their times.

Artisans have put in a lot of energy & focus & carved our Vaishnava gods on soapstone:

Look at the fine jewellery adorning the diety:


Would you not offer some modaks?


Such grace & such life in a piece of stone – absolutely divine:


Some pictures are best left without a caption:


Can you decipher these designs? 


Mighty tusker & mightier god:


The holy towers of divine:


If you are looking for inner peace, this is your place. Your soul will be at rest in here. It’s magical and true.



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  1. I love the intricate carvings in Somanathapura! Great pictures:)


    1. Just Yamini says:

      thanks Divya. 🙂

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