A box of chocolates – Kodai Kanal.

My mother never told me that life was a box of chocolates. She had a list of adjectives that Life was – demanding, whimsical, eccentric, and mischievous –  but it was never a box of chocolates in her dictionary. Chocolates were instead a treat for us reserved to be enjoyed only on special occasions like birthdays, annual school results & days when I recovered from fever. It was more of a high hanging fruit for me and I had to work my way up to pick every single chocolate.

Later I realized that you may indeed draw parallels between life and chocolates. Last year, on my birthday, my best friend gave me a box of chocolates meticulously wrapped in golden gift paper with a pink ribbon on it.

Inside the box, the chocolates were carefully placed in grooves, waiting to be picked and enjoyed. The chocolates weren’t very distinct in flavors or designs which is why it was a surprise for me when I ate them. Each chocolate reminded me of a childhood event that I had long forgotten. And thus with every rare memory, every single chocolate tasted different much like the tourist attractions of Kodai Kanal.

Kodai kanal, tamil nadu

The princess of hill stations: Kodai Kanal

Nestled in the Palani hills, Kodai Kanal is a hill station full of natural wonders within Kilometers of distance from each other. Every place in Kodai evokes distinct emotions in you. The milky falls, the gorgeous vantage points, the adventurous treks, the flowers-laden parks and the time-worn temples –take you through a ride of emotions – from curiosity to anxiety to wonder to finally happiness. And like that box of chocolates I received last year on my birthday, you never know where and when you may end up reliving or creating memories of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

You must steal a few moments from the generous falls, misty mountains and radiant parks & live like royalty in the princess of hill stations, Kodai Kanal:

  1. By the Kodai lake: Get in touch with the kid inside you & ride a bike to Bryant park near the Kodai lake. Go for a boat ride in Kodai lake in the evening and indulge in the after ride snacks sold freely on the street.
Kodai lake, Kodai Kanal
Kodai lake, Kodai Kanal
  1. Around the Pillar Rocks: Learn to wonder as a child & look at the mighty pillar rocks. You would definitely feel up & kicking because ‘Adventure is out there’.
Pillar rock, Kodai Kanal
Pillar rock, Kodai Kanal
Pillar rock, Kodai Kanal
Pillar rock, Kodai Kanal
  1. At the Kodai Vantage point: Make your way through the crowded vantage point and have an eyeful like a child would. Click some pictures and buy the street side cotton candy.
Kodai Vantage point, Kodai Kanal
Kodai Vantage point, Kodai Kanal
  1. In the midst of Pine forests: I grew up reading Tinkle Digest, Champak and Chandamama. All of these comics have abundant mentions of forests. As a child, I believed that forests were home to all creatures, mystical. Live those childhood memories in musical Pine forests of Kodai.

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Pine forests of Kodai Kanal
  1. Amongst the flowers of Chettiar park: How many times have you (almost) plucked a flower? Well, this is your chance to not pluck any flowers but enjoy the spectrum of colors that they cast in the brilliant Chettiar park. Click some pictures, smell some flowers and enjoy the swing.
Chettiar park, Kodai Kanal

Kodai Kanal is a beautiful city in the hills of Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. For its abundant beauty, natural wonders and year-round pleasant weather, Tamil Nadu is often called princess of hill stations. It’s situated at a drive-able 250 kms. away from Ooty, the queen of hill stations.

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How to reach Kodai Kanal?

1. By air: the nearest airport is Madurai (120 kms.) away. You could take a bus from Madurai to Kodai Kanal

2. By bus: Bus services to Kodai are available from all major cities: Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry and Madurai

3. By train: The train will drop you at Kodai road station. You could hire a taxi from there and reach Kodai Kanal after covering 100 kms.

tamil nadu, kodai kanal, princess of hill stations nestled in the Palani hills
tamil nadu, kodai kanal, princess of hill stations nestled in the Palani hills

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  1. A beautiful account of Kodai Yamini! Enjoyed this post:)


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you Divya. The place is more beautiful.

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  2. KochiCoo says:

    Nice post! Life is really on weekends.
    Chocolates from Kodai.. I would throw my calorie counting to the wind for that.


    1. Just Yamini says:

      I agree. Chocolates were delicious.

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