How should you spend time in Auroville if you don’t meditate?

Back in 2013, after completing a huge project, I went on a break for 10 days out of which I decided to spend 3 in Puducherry. After the release of ‘Life of Pi’  in 2012, I have been rooting to experience the ‘French’ touch, they say exists in Puducherry (I am going to call it Pondicherry in the rest of the post). I wanted to cycle, eat cheese & relax. With all this on my mind, we made our bookings in a resort that was a few Kms. away from the union territory. We were staying near Auroville, and hence decided to take a day out in Auroville & see for ourself what the fuss was all about.

As luck would have it, Auroville offered exactly what I needed – peace. However, it turned out that this ‘peace’ wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to relax but over a Batman movie, lots of junk food & mugs of coffee. And I was not ready to waste a single minute of my much precious Privileged Leave in silence. So, here is a list of 5 things that you can do in Auroville if you don’t want peace (in its true meaning).

1.Go to the Auroville Beach:

The beach ain’t anything special. In fact, it’s not even half of  Paradise Beach, Pondicherry. However, it got sand, waves & water. 🙂

Watch out: there is a graveyard next to the beach. It’s quite a mystery as to why would one have a graveyard next to a place where people come for entertainment. So, just be a little careful when you return from the beach. You shouldn’t be crossing the graveyard & then spending the next three days having nightmares.


2. Have breakfast & dinner in Mango Hill

Mango Hill serves the best breakfast with fresh cakes, pastries and croissants. Their restaurant setting is amazing too. Having your breakfast by the pool with french music in the background – that’s what I call peace.

You should also have at least 1 dinner in their restaurant. Candle night dinner over a sumptuous meal will relax you so much that you won’t feel like moving an inch.

Thinking of staying in Mango Hill. Click to know more about them.

3. Ride a scooty on the roads of Auroville 

Jokes aside, the roads in Auroville are good. Since roads are in a fine condition, you will have smooth scooty rides. Either ride a scooty or be a pillion – ride your time away  – on the silent roads of Auroville.

We liked the route so much that we whiled away half an hour in just discovering & rediscovering the alternative routes.

4. Enjoy the route from Visiting Centre to Matri Mandir (Golden Globe):

If you are in Auroville, you must visit Matri Mandir. To visit Matri Mandir, you need to go to Auroville Visiting Centre. They make you watch a short film about Auroville & give away the pass to watch Matri Mandir from a distance.

The route itself isn’t all that great. Great is an old Banyan tree that’s there on the route. It’s more than 100 years old & has produced many aerial roots that have now grown down to the ground & took routes to become trunks.


5. Catch a glimpse of Golden Matri Mandir

They say that it looks beautiful in the night & almost magical from the inside where it’s all white & pure. From the outside, it seems different & good. Nothing exceptional though.

You may get a few clicks & be on your way back to the centre where there are many cafes and stores to shop from.



Once you are done watching the Matri Mandir, go ahead & eat the delicious organic food that their cafes serve. You should invariably shop too from their organic stores. I bought cashew nut toffees for my entire team which were home made and organic. Everybody loved them.

Let me know what you have done in Auroville that’s not organic or meditation. We can include it in the list & let people know that Auroville can be a little more than about peace, meditation and organic stuff.

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