7 tourist places in India that look like international destinations

Home to 28 states and 8 union territories, India is one of the most diverse nations in the world. The presence of Himalayas, being surrounded by water on the three sides and a rich, cultural heritage together make India incredibly unique. You can experience not only giant mountains, picturesque hill stations, beautiful beaches, forests, deserts…

Running for shade when it rained – a day at Miramar beach, Goa

It needed 12 hours of drive to reach Goa, from Bangalore. We started early morning & before we knew; we all were in holiday mood desperate for an evening in beach. So, we took a halt in Karwar enjoying the beach walks & jhaalmuri. It was windy & beautiful – the perfect start to the next three days in Goa.

Ditch your routine and chase the monsoons in Goa

Most of the days I wake up dreading what’s awaiting me during the day (not all, but parts of it). Some days I wake up with a smile on my face, because I got to sleep till late that day. No points in guessing that those days belong to weekends. Sleeping till late is not…

Sunburn or not, new year means Goa!

Some places evoke a feeling of belonging. You long for them. All the unsettling thoughts and turmoil inside you begin to smooth over, in such places. You come here again and again & do the same things over and over. With the passage of time, you develop rituals. And these rituals only become meaningful when you are…

NO to Shacks, YES to getting high: an unusual day in Goa!

The entry to the fort is a modest walk of 5 minutes like the beginning of a great musical. Once you enter the fort, you see a sprawling area all around you with space to organize many orchestras together. In the middle, there is a four-storeyed light house that must have aided in guarding the place. It still stands tall like a soldier of the armies that must have camped here, Standing tall, the fort refuses to budge, keeping a watch to ensuring that it’s city is safe and sound.