Seven Truths about Bihar, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh

Most of you know that I was on a personal mission to visit all 28 states (29, then) of India by 2020. My own 2020 mission! I was making good progress and had done 15+ states by 2018. But then, life happened and all my travel plans were stalled & readjusted. It happens. It’s Life….

A day in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh

On my recent road trip to Bihar, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh, the last stop was Raipur & then we were to go back home via Jabalpur, MP. We started early morning from Ranchi to drive down to Raipur. The trip was to end in another 2-3 days. I wanted to make the most of whatever was…