Thinking where next? Here’s Top Travel Recommendations in India for the month of August

August is a very different month. It’s not in the middle like June, it’s not the beginning of the second half of the year like July & it’s not even close to the year end like November.

August is just there, somewhere. August is a promise of time – more time because the year hasn’t ended yet and you still have four months to check off the items on your bucket list.

August is also beautiful because it heralds monsoons and many places in India bloom at this time. If you are a bit daring and can withstand the landslides, plan a trip in August & enjoy the nature and its wonders.

If you ain’t that great a fan of landslides, don’t worry. I have recommendations for you too.

1. Jog Falls, Karnataka

Jog Falls, Shimoga, Karnataka @Life on Weekends

Jog Falls hidden in the interiors of Shimoga district of Karnataka are a treat for sore eyes, bright eyes, droopy eyes as well as tired eyes. No matter how your yesterday was or tomorrow will be; Jog Falls promises a milky, misty TODAY! And you would love it.

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2. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Grand Canyon of India, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra @Life on WeekendsMapro Strawberry Farms, Mahabaleshwar @ Life on Weekends

When I was growing up, Bollywood made amazing songs & one of my favorites was:

“ए, क्या बोलती तू ? ए, क्या मैं बोलूँ ?



आती क्या खंडाला ?”

And since then, like every other silly kid, who has nothing better to think or do; I dreamt of visiting Khandala. And I did in January of 2017.

Truth be told; it wasn’t all that great. I have been, however, told that it looks amazing in August when the monsoons have begun.

I loved Mahabaleshwar though. And I am sure Mahabaleshwar would be even more amazing at this time of the year. And if you do intend, pay a visit to Khandala too. It’s not that much of a detour.

3. Munnar, Kerala

the green hills of MunnarMunnar, Tea Estate, Kerala

I can visit Munnar any time of the year, and I have actually – in February, in August and in November. My husband has been there in all these months and in March, May, June, October & December.

The two of us can actually be the brand ambassadors of Munnar, but the place doesn’t need any brand advertising, because ‘best’ is ‘best’. And one need not to sell it.

I love everything about Munnar. And even though we were stuck in the middle of a landslide in Munnar last year, I would recommend visiting Munnar in August. It gets magical around this time of the year.

My prayers and best wishes for everyone in Kerala. Hope normalcy is restored soon in God’s own country.

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4. Goa – of Goa

Goa @Life on WeekendsGoa at its green bestGoa @Life on Weekends

The other place in India that doesn’t need any advertising is Goa. From the time, I was a kid, I have been hearing good stuff about Goa.

I heard rave reviews about Goa when I was in college.

And I still hear people planning to go to Goa, going to Goa, coming back from Goa and still planning to go to Goa.

Basically, it proves that if you sell beer for cheap prices anywhere, people will find reasons to glorify that place. That being said, Goa is amazing.

Go, Goa! Whoooo!

By the way, I visited Goa over a weekend last year around monsoons and it blew my mind. The beaches were deserted, there were no traces of shacks, only company that I had in South Goa was cows and dogs, but I saw the Green side of Goa. It was lovely.

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5. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh tops my list for all year recommendations and it’s glory, landscapes, scenic beauty is unmatched. Nothing comes closer to Ladakh.

So, yes! You can also go to Ladakh in August. Fight the altitude sickness, tour the monasteries, create your own ‘Three Idiots Moment’, visit the high passes, spend time in high deserts and try and become a Ladakhi.

Ladakh is Love. And Love is Ladakh! Feel some.

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6. Pondicherry

Paradise beach, Pondicherry

I hate ‘Life of Pi’ – not the book. The movie. Ask my why?

Because it ruined Pondicherry for me. I watched the movie and believed it. Yes, yes. No need to tell what you are thinking about me.

And what’s with the heat, one may ask?! In spite of all this, I immediately took a liking because of their beaches, their French architecture, their cafes, their ‘La’ this and that 😉 :D, I loved everything.

And you would too, if you visit in August.

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7. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh @Life on Weekends

Khajuraho is another such place that is competing with an oven. People still go to Khajuraho to experience the past and come back burnt yet happy.

If the temples and carvings of Khajuraho have intrigued you too, and you do not intend to make yourself crunchier and crisper; you can plan a visit now in August and enjoy the views. 🙂

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8. Jaipur – Udaipur – Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Chauki Dhani, Jaipur @Life on WeekendsUdaipur, Rajasthan, Bagor ki haweli

So, India is a tropical country, and you have to live with that. You can always time your travel to those weeks and months when you would get to enjoy the places, the culture, the food the most.

August, although not a perfect month, but is good enough to travel to Jaipur – Udaipur – Jodhpur circuit. You would definitely like it better than you would in April/ June.

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9. Kodai Kanal, Tamil Nadu

Pillar rock, Kodai Kanaltamil nadu, kodai kanal, princess of hill stations nestled in the Palani hillsPine forests of Kodai KanalForests of KodaiKanal

Remember those aunties from childhood that you adored for no particular reason. That aunty never gave you a chocolate, never asked your name, never smiled at you, never spoke with you. She probably didn’t even know that you existed. You, on the other hand, were head over heels, and loved her, just because she was being herself.

I like Kodai Kanal exactly like that. I like Kodai for no particular reason. Or probably because it’s simply Kodai Kanal.

This place will grow gorgeous with its many parks, dolphin nose, jogger’s walk, forests, lake and everything else. It’s Green. It’s luscious. And it’s Kodai.

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10. Pahalgam, Kashmir

Kashmir should ideally have been on top of my list. Kashmir is heavenly all round the year and August is not an exception either.

Closer to monsoons, Kashmir grows to be like a distant dream that’s too good to be true.

And yet, Kashmir comes true.

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This list in no way is complete. India, of 29 states & 7 union territories, is home to innumerable places that could be & should be visited all times of the year. All you have to do is to get your backpack.

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