God’s own country needs us. Show some love for Kerala

I have been going to Kerala for years now. Munnar was almost like home with its picturesque views and Green landscapes. We would often pick our car from Bangalore or Mysore and drive to Munnar enjoying the forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries on the way.

And it breaks my heart to see Kerala suffering this bad. The place that has been like my home for years, is in a bad shape and need our love and support, and we must all do our bit.

Please come out and do all you can. And do some more. Make financial donations, send relief material, ask your known ones to help and volunteer. Do all you can.

It takes years to grow into a beautiful country like Kerala, but weeks to suffer from damage. We must not let that happen. Kerala has suffered enough. It doesn’t need any more.

We owe it to the state. Stand for Kerala. Spread the word. Take charge and turn things around. Our friends need us just as much we have needed them all along.

You can make contributions via Paytm, or via other agencies. Choose & do your bit. This is your chance.

I remember Kerala as I have seen it always – beautiful, welcoming, kind, warm and compassionate. And I am sure I would meet all the same when I visit Kerala the next.

What we see today is temporary and things would be right, again. Let’s resolve to help Kerala get back to normal – which is the best!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nysha Singh says:

    Yes, I have already made the donation through PayTM and requesting others to contribute as much as they can.


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thanks Nysha. Hope everyone acts as responsibly as you did


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