13 places to explore over the weekends if you are in Delhi NCR, India

Something’s happened to our generation. The pressures that we faced from: academics, peers, neighbours, relatives and random strangers judging us – changed us a bit. And then we saw the world changing with the internet & smartphones. We learnt to focus on ourselves, our happiness and the joys of life. And we also got into…

Things you don’t know about the Golden Triangle of India!

Delhi- Agra – Jaipur — the golden triangle of India – popular amongst tourists, generally busy at all times of the year & home to many stories that have been told many times over. I have been going to Agra and Jaipur since the time I was a child. I have lived some 20 kms….

In Jaipur – memories over many years!

I still remember that night when I first reached Jaipur. It was a trip with friends, and we had booked our seats in a Shatabdi from Delhi. Even though I was tired, hungry & lugging around a heavy bag, I noticed the colorful railway platform of Jaipur. The coolies wore a beautiful pagdi & the sign at the exit said, ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’.

15 gems from 15 states of Incredible India: travel today!

As most of you know, Life on Weekends was born in the November of 2015. And since then, I have been blogging on and off, but travelling constantly. I began as a naive traveller who would want to holiday anywhere (and everywhere) glamorous, dress well & click pictures (tons of it), and spam my Facebook…

The ever so young & ever so wise – Amer fort of Jaipur

Situated at a height & spread across an area of 4 kms., Amer keeps a watch on Jaipur, from 11 kms. away. Amer probably never goes to sleep, partly because it stands guard over Jaipur, but mostly because it’s always thinking of the good times, remembering it & taking pride in it. Decades of royal…

The Golden Sunset from the old Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

One of the many luxuries that travel brings with itself – is the gift of time. You could wake up at your own leisure. Go, take a walk, come back, rest some and then leave for the sight seeing. There’s just no better way to relax than this. Right? Well, no. Wrong! While we might…

Hungry for travel? Here’s your 2018 bucket list!

2018 is here and with that comes 16 long weekends and at least 20 days of paid leave for us – lesser beings – who have to work (supposedly) 9 am to 6 pm, five days a week to earn a living & thus the means to – travel, travel & travel. No matter how…

953 Jharokhas and one big Hawa Mahal

A king admires a palace & secretly wishes to build a similar/ better one in his own country and thus ends up building a beautiful, huge palace with many outlets to the outer world. The search for a ‘home’ never ends. A home – that’s yours, where you find peace, where you can be yourself….

The state of colors: Rajasthan

Like most kids, I also dreamt of fantasy lands where there were mountains of chocolates and taps full of Maaza. My fantasy land was perfect. I could watch TV all day, play whenever I want & roam around wherever I want. There would be no restrictions and I would feel at home in that place….

Top 7 destinations to Holiday this December for winters have come!

Winters, like Santa Claus, brings a bag of goodies with itself every year: late mornings, envelopes of mist, the momentary relief from chilling cold over sips of piping hot chai (tea) served over a plate of pakoras (fritters) & holidays. Holidays are the best part about winters and of course, the tea. Most would like to…