Things you don’t know about the Golden Triangle of India!

Delhi- Agra – Jaipur — the golden triangle of India – popular amongst tourists, generally busy at all times of the year & home to many stories that have been told many times over. I have been going to Agra and Jaipur since the time I was a child. I have lived some 20 kms. away from Delhi for over three decades now. And still, I would take up the next chance to visit these places once again to explore the not yet visited corners, relish the seasonal delicacies & shop till I drop.

Because there’s a lot more to these places than what you hear, know or read in travel magazines. I am still discovering.

Here are some not-so-known recommended things to do when you plan your next trip to Golden Triangle:


Delhi is grander than India Gate, richer than its street food spread, older than its monuments, and much more humble than Bombay thinks (or does not think) it is. 🙂

Delhi is home to many species (home sapiens, birds, flowers, trees and more). And many continue to find a home in its well-lit as well as dark corners, under the bridges, on railway stations, by the side of pavements, in the huge gardens/ parks, in its cramped colonies & everywhere else.

Delhi is generous. Has always been! And if you really want to explore that ancient side of the city, ditch the malls, cafes, fine dining, and high-end designer outlets that are one too many in all parts of the world. Instead explore the other not-much-known side of this city that’s remained a seat of power for centuries now.

How, you may wonder!

Go & explore the Humayun’s Tomb which probably inspired the Taj Mahal of Agra. Visit the silent and eerie waters of Agrasen Ki Baoli that still features as one of the top 10 haunted places in the world.

Explore the ruins of Old Fort that’s broken & damaged like the stories of the place. Or just simply take a walk, follow the road or your instincts & keep an open mind. Your eyes will do the rest!

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Humayun's tomb, Delhi @Life on Weekends
Humayun’s Tomb
Old fort, Delhi @Life on Weekends
Old fort, Delhi
Humayun's Tomb in Delhi @life on weekends
Humayun’s Tomb
Rajasthani Thali, Delhi Haat
Delhi Haat
Agrasen ki Baori, Delhi @ Life on Weekends
Agrasen ki Baoli


This place is popular for it houses one of the seven wonders of the world. And you would find a number of guides recounting the story. However, did you know that no two clicks of the Taj are the same?!

Did you know that there is this place called Fatehpur Sikri near Agra that houses Buland Darwaza – one of the highest gateways in the world? It was also the seat of Emperor Akbar. Now in ruins, this place must have been dreamy and stunning back in the day. The faded colours of the walls, the beautiful carvings covered with neglect and dust and the highly revered dargah of Salim Chishti – go on to tell the great and majestic times this place has seen in the past.

If you visit Agra, do plan a trip to next-door Fatehpur Sikri.

And if you are a bird-lover or an admirer of wildlife, you must plan a stop-over at Bharatpur National Bird Sanctuary, only 30 mins. away from Fatehpur Sikri.

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The Taj Mahal @Life on Weekends
The Taj Mahal at Life on Weekends
Buland Darwaza or Gate of Magnificence @Life on Weekends
Buland Darwaza or Gate of Magnificence @Life on Weekends


Jaipur – the city of forts & palaces, famous for Pyaaz Kachoris, silver jewellery shopping, cotton textiles & leather sandals. You could come to Jaipur and decide to settle here for several reasons. First, the people in Jaipur are the best. They are warm, friendly and polite (a rarity for the people living in Delhi NCR). Second, the food in Jaipur is also (kind of) the best. Of course, Delhi wins hands down when it comes to food, but really Jaipur also has its own delicacies – try the Mirchi vadas, Pyaaj kachoris, Ghewar and Imartis. You won’t know what hit you. 🙂 And third, because of the rich heritage and culture the city is proud of. There are stories in Jaipur that are waiting to be told, the stories of royalty, of hunting, of wars, of loyalty, of love and of a life that’s been nothing but extraordinary.

Have you seen the Sunset at Nahargarh fort? If no, then you are missing a spectacle.

Have you shopped for tie and dye (Bandhej) sarees/ dupattas/ suits? Have you shopped for cotton bedsheets? Have you shopped for clothes with Indigo or Sanganeri block prints?

Have you gone for leopard safari at Jhalana, Jaipur?

What are you waiting for? Go, explore!

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Amer fort @Life on Weekends
Sunset from Nahargarh fort
Nahargarh Fort

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