The Taj of Delhi: Humayun’s Tomb

A king fell madly in love with his queen and created magic in marble that attracts crowd from all over the world today. Go back a few years, and you would find the inspiration behind the glorious Taj Mahal, sitting quietly, counting its days, and rejoicing in the popularity of what came after itself.

The beautiful building of red, the tomb of Humayun, is a spectacular sight and is believed to be the inspiration behind the iconic Taj Mahal. If you close your eyes for a moment after stealing an eyeful of Humayun’s Tomb, you would see Taj. If someone would paint Taj red, they would get Humayun’s Tomb. The place is exquisite.

A popular tourist destination & a favorite of wedding shoot photographers, Humayun’s Tomb is actually a site for graves albeit a beautiful one. It’s said that the main complex is a collection of 100+ graves. Even then, the place looks attractive every inch.


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  1. gautamrajinspires says:

    Nice description


  2. Anonymous says:

    Look at this writer’s imagination. I imagined H. Tomb’s white and Taj red with you.



    1. Just Yamini says:

      🙂 Thank you @Kiran for reading them. You make me happy.


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