Game for some bird watching in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary?

Freedom is a funny thing. You only get to appreciate it once you don’t have it. The more you fight for it, the more you crave it.

How does freedom feel like?

To me, it is – spreading my wings & flying high with nothing to control me or pull me back. The sky is then mine and it’s limitless. Why do I feel like that way? Well, I am awed every time I see a flock of pigeons taking a flight together. The sheer sound of many wings fluttering at the same time is music to my ears and my brain interprets it ‘freedom’.

Perhaps this is why I keep going to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, now called Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

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The last time I visited the national park, I met my alter ego, the lazy python who wouldn’t move its position for hours. This time around, it was more of beautiful, cackling birds who were merrily chirping, tweeting with occasional shrieks.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the top most bird sanctauries in the world – home to most resident & migratory birds including Siberian crane.

The best part about the park is its tour – you take a long walk on a straight road with either side full of birds, waterlands, marshes, vegetation, shrubs, trees, mounds and open water bodies. Here are a few glimpses of my last visit to the park. If this doesn’t motivate you to park yourself in the sanctuary, I don’t know what will. 🙂

That’s how ‘Freedom’ feels like.
What’s wrong with my neck? I can’t find it.
Stupid Evolution! What will I do with this long neck?
Should I? Should I not?
What a great spot!
What are you starting at? Haven’t you seen a green pigeon before?
No one cares for an old, wise owl these days. Everyone likes that petty, green pigeon.
Well, I am green in color too!
Never mind!
It’s too cold to be in water all day!
Did someone call me lazy?
And this is how you camouflage!
No pictures pls! How many times I have said that this is my real beak?!
Damn it! I got stood up again.
Water is so much fun! I wonder what they do on land?!
Aah! Time for another Siesta!
What the heck?! You can’t find a good Wi-Fi signal these days, any more!
Dare touch my antlers!

It’s good to leave the company of human beings sometimes specially when the company you are going to get is this amazing. Do visit Bharatpur & enjoy this amazing sight. You can club your trip with Taj Mahal, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri.

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All pictures were clicked by my husband who doesn’t believe in picture editing.


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  1. arv! says:

    Great collection from Ghana bird sanctuary

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