The Taj of Delhi: Humayun’s Tomb

A king fell madly in love with his queen and created magic in marble that attracts crowd from all over the world today. Go back a few years, and you would find the inspiration behind the glorious Taj Mahal, sitting quietly, counting its days, and rejoicing in the popularity of what came after itself. The…

The Chai that never disappoints: Meri wali Chai at Chaayos

Come winters and my daily count of Chai (tea) soars like the weighing machine scale every morning. These days, I am on a count of 5-7 mugs of ginger-brewed tea with cinnamon powder sprinkled on the top. The ginger must be brewed for 2 mins. before adding tea leaves (powder) or you don’t get the flavor right. And…

Fantastic beasts and here to find them: National Zoo, Delhi

UPDATE as on November 2021: It’s absolutely cruel to cage animals & show them off like objects. Animals belong in the wild. And if we want to spend some time in their company or in their habitat, we must go to Tiger Reserves, National Parks or Bird Sanctuaries. This is why I haven’t been to…

The Great Indian Parantha of Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal!

I have a theory – When something is denied to you, you crave it even more. And when that something is food, your cravings know no limits. Good food takes you to another world and that world is still untouched by the woes of real life. In that world, only happiness and only happiness exists….

Art Abound: National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi

‘Bride’s Toilet’ paints a beautiful picture of married and single women, celebrating the precious moments of life in simple ways. ‘Brahamacharis’ is a masterpiece illustrating how diversity exists in similarity. If you look in the eyes of the dark guy (at the left) of the painting, you feel he is looking at you back. Like he knows, you are trying to fathom the mystery of the painting, but won’t be able to do it unless he gives away the secrets. Try it!

This weekend, go visit – National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi

Conversations & Camaraderie over Chai at Cha Bar, Delhi

I grew up in a middle class, north indian, baniya family. We celebrate everything over chai. People have come over lunch – we make tea. They have had lunch – we offer tea. They have stayed back till evening – we force tea. And once they have gone, we soothe ourselves over sips of tea.