A walk through the bakeries of Pune

I started off as a traveller who would shop a lot before any trip and focus on getting clicked as much as the photographer can whenever I went to any place. 😉 After 15+ states in India, I feel I have matured and like to breathe in the place before infinite selfies and checking off the ‘top attractions’ of the place. Lately, I have taken an interest in visiting the local markets and old eateries. They say so much about the city. And you hear the most interesting stories when you visit such places.

We visited Pune in January & as much time as we spent in Pune, we realised that the place is popular for its food. You may find cafes, bakeries and chai shops around every corner. And popular too!

Take for instance: ‘Cafe Good luck’. It’s an old cafe that’s been around before the night clubs and bars of Pune. You can scrape the walls easily. In fact, you can actually dig a hole using a sledgehammer (like that of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’) in an hour and enter the other room. The cute, little cafe smells of buns, chai and butter. And I didn’t think twice before gobbling up the buttered buns that melted in my mouth and topping it all with Irani Chai. It was yum! The best chai-snacks for 150 bucks.

So, I present you a few cafes from Pune that smell great, serve taste and sell happiness. 

I can just pick one of these cafes and spend my entire weekend there. And that’s how you live the best life on weekends.

Picture Credits: my lovely brother who’s from Pune, Shivam Gupta.















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