In the lap of Dauladhar: Dharamshala stadium

Dharamshala – the home to Dalai Lama, a mini Tibet and the second capital to Himachal Pradesh. Anything I will write in praise of Dharamshala will not do any justice to the place that’s magically peaceful.

In the backdrop of beautiful Dauladhar, Dharamshala offers a sight  to behold wherever you look. While the place is popular for the monasteries and the mountains, there is a gorgeous stadium too nestled in between – Dharamshala Cricket Stadium.

Unlike many other stadiums, this one throws a splash of colors the moment you enter the premises. And when you take a look, you witness the gorgeous, snow-capped Dauladhar range towering over the stadium. It’s a sight to behold.

Nature can render such places beautiful. All my life, I have been either awed by the show of match or the space of the stadium, but never the nature by virtue of the location.

If you happen to be a cricket fan & harbor love for travelling, do visit Dharamshala & revel in nature.

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  1. arv! says:

    Lovely images. I like the backdrop of Dhauladhar mountains and clouds. The stadium is so colorful


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Stadium is amazing. Really

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