Nosh Farmaiye ki aap Lucknow me Hain!

Nosh Farmaiye ki aap Lucknow me Hain! (meaning – Have a taste for you are in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh).

आस्मान की क्या है ताकत जो चुराये लखनऊ|

लखनऊ मुज पर फिदा है, मा फिदा-ए-लखनऊ||

Not only for its heritage, culture, legacy and art, Lucknow is also popular for its food.

Tunday Kabab, Gilouti Kabab, Ulta Parantha, Nimish, Paan and what not? Lucknow has a dish for all seasons and all reasons!

If you are a hard core vegetarian like I am, you have reached a paradise because Lucknow has got delicacies not only for non-vegetarians but also for us (the ghaas-phoos eating Janta). And no, I am not talking about the vegetarian knock-outs of famous non-vegetarians dishes (think: biryani, kebabs etc.).

So, what are you waiting for? Plan the next weekend trip to Lucknow and enjoy the savory delicacies of Lucknow:

1. Rattilal ki Kachori:

While Khasta-Kachori are popular in Mathura and Benaras, Lucknow is equally amazing. The best ones are served in Rattilal, situated on Hewlett road, near Aminabad.

You may book an Uber or Ola and easily reach there.

Cost – 35 rs. per plate



2. Basket Chaat of Royal Hut:

Think of Chaat and what comes to mind are: alook tikki, dahi bhalla, papdi Chaat, golgappe & Rajkachori. But what if I serve you something fancy and give you a taste of most of these?

Lucknow serves an amazing basket chaat – inside potato baskets (eatable, yes), there is a generous serving of papdi, bhalla and aloo tikki with dollops of curd, chutneys and sweet syrup. Some ships sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top of it. Oh it tastes like heaven. It does! Try for yourself.

The best one is served in Royal Cafe in HazratGanj. Be a little careful because there are many Royal Cafes in that area.

Cost – 75 rs. per plate – enough for two




3. Chai and Potli Samosa of Sharma Tea Stall: 

Sharma Tea Stall in HazratGanj will remind you of small outlets of CP, Delhi that have been serving the best momos, cold coffee and shakes for years now.

This small shop serves sugar syrup for chai and hot Potli samosa that goes the best with chai.

You will also get a taste of bun-muska in here, but I will not recommend it. Because the best bun-muska is served in the Irani Cafe of Pune.

Nevertheless, you will see all good, great people of Lucknow parking their big, pompous cars nearby the stall to have bites of samosa and bun with the sugar syrup they call chai.

Yes, I recommend the place. 🙂

Cost – 10 bucks for chai and 10 bucks for samosa.




4. Sheermal of Lucknow:

The sweet, baked good called Sheermal is easily available in North India, but do take a taste in Lucknow. I tasted this one in Tunday Kababi of Aminabad.

Cost – 15 bucks per piece


5. Malai ka Paan (or Malai Gilori):

When Nawaab lost all his teeth, he could no longer relish the paan. And that provided enough motivation to the sweet makers of Lucknow to put together a Malai paan.

It does melt in mouth and a sweet delicacy that will leave you wanting for more.

Do taste it from Ram Asrey – the 200 yrs. old shop in HazratGanj.

Cost – 40 rs. per piece




6. Prakash Kulfi:

The cold, sweet dessert is served in an old shop called Prakash ki kulfi in Aminabad.

Don’t go by the looks of it. It tastes better than most kulfis you must have had. Taste the one with Kesar-pista

Cost – 40 rs. per kulfi



7. Raja Thandai:

If you have come to Lucknow, you must drink a glass of Thandai served in this famous and more than 100 yrs. old outlet. Chances are – that you already know of this place since they have been featured in shows on Epic & Discovery multiple times.

They serve both kinds – with & without bhaang. We tried the one without. 🙂

The shop is situated in Kasturba Market, chow area.

Cost – 30 rs. per glass



Other than these, you may also find ‘Gulaabi Chai’, ‘anrasey (typically available on Rakshabandhan) & ‘makhan-malai’ (or Nimish available only in winters) in Lucknow too that’s worth a taste.

Lucknow is a weekend destination from Delhi NCR and is well connected with rail and flights. Spend then next weekend in Lucknow and share your food experience with us. 🙂


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