Temples, Elephants & Rubber Plantation at Thirparappu Waterfalls, Kanyakumari

Have you ever experienced the happiness after finding a crumpled 10 rs. or 100 rs. note in the back pocket of your unused pair of jeans? Or the sense of joy at finding the report card of VI (or VII) standard under the pile of old newspapers stacked away in a corner of your store room?

That kind of happiness is absolute and guaranteed. A smile plays on your face, your muscles relax, you sit back and a short film of memories flash in front of your eyes. Such experiences are immediately followed by nostalgia and you crave to go back to the past or pause the present. Because in that very moment, you experience ‘happiness’ in its pure form – that can’t be bought, sold or consciously created; it’s always chanced upon. You begin with something on your mind and you stumble upon something else altogether that brings you happiness, pure happiness.

This is precisely why I travel to far flung places in India by road. The sheer happiness of chancing upon a beautiful place is unmatched and pure. Take for instance this amazing place in Tamil Nadu we discovered on our way to Kanyakumari from Kovalam: Thirparappu Waterfalls.



It was a peaceful placed with occasional sounds of birds, peacocks and elephants in the backdrop of flowing water. When you near the waterfall, you could feel the misty atmosphere and water drops landing on your face as if preparing you for the dip in the milky falls.


Some 200 metres away the waterfall area, you would find a big, towering temple with exquisite architecture that is bound to catch your fancy. There are no guides available in the area, but I am sure the place has got a story.




Some 300ms. away from the temple, you would discover introvert backwaters that are too shy of all the limelight and want to stay in the background. There’s a boatman near the backwaters who could take you to a boat ride for a humble price of 20 or 30 bucks for 10 mins. Be a good person and tip the boatman.


Along the backwaters, you would see many trees with cuts on their barks. These are rubber trees with little wooden bowls tied to them to collect rubber.



This place is hidden away from all the touristy attention. You would not find it on any of travel itineraries. That said, it’s worthy of making to all possible travel lists and articles.

Thirparappu waterfalls is a simple and happy place. If you plan to be in Tamil Nadu and around Kanyakumari, pay a visit to this humble place. You would feel good.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    You equally involve me in your travel diaries- Up north or Way down South!

    The boat ride and not so popular architecture of the temple is praise worthy!

    All the best smart traveller!



    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you, Kiran. We must travel together someday.


  2. Looks beautiful, Yamini.


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you 🙂


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