Majestic Thar: Sam, Sand & Sun in Jaisalmer

When you are finally in the Thar, there is nothing but sand all around. Camels merge with the sand & the only thing that stands out is the stroke of colors – Colorful beads around the suave camel neck, colorful attires of ladies singing & dancing, colorful bands in the sky before, during & after the sunset. You might not know but there exists a romantic in you. And that romantic manifests in the Thar.

Include these 10 things in your next Road Trip!

Thinking of a road trip but worrying over whether it’s a good decision or not?! I would say, think not! Go on & hit the road! When you go on a road trip, you feel the travel. You breathe in the place, take stops at the local eateries & see for yourself how the landscape…