Two days in the wettest place on Earth: Cherrapunji, Sohra (India)

Back in the late 90s, they showed the footage of a place on TV that received the maximum rainfall. It took me no time to figure our that this was the wettest place on the face of this planet. It was Cherrapunji. Since then, I have wished to travel to Cherrapunji and realise my childhood dream of getting drenched in the rains with no one looking or staring at me, and with no fears of falling sick the next day. And Cherrapunji happened the last year. It had slipped to no.2 position by then in receiving the maximum rainfall on Earth. But you couldn’t tell. There was Green forestation everywhere around us, with clouds so low that if you were tall enough, you could just reach out for a piece of that white mushiness.

We stayed in a place that had separate cottages for everyone, at a healthy distance of 12-15 ft., probably more. Located at an altitude, this place was just 10 mins. away (by car) from Seven Sisters/ Nohsngithiang Falls. If you liked, you could walk your way from the falls to this place in 30-40 mins. In the front, the hotel faced the road connecting the seven sisters waterfall. And from its back, it offered a view of Bangladesh. For the two nights that we stayed in this place, I went for a walk every night after dinner. The walks were full of happy surprises: twinkling stars in the sky, strong winds that made me crave a sweater and a hot cup of tea and unannounced rains!

The first night & the torrential rains:

When we reached Cherrapunji, it appeared as if it had rained here just half an hour back. Three hours later, it felt the same with no signs of rains. We had our dinner and went for a walk under the star-studded sky. No rains even then. I went to bed wondering if we were really in Cherrapunji and if all that I had ever read or heard about the place was true(because it hadn’t rained).

This super cute pair of brother and sister reminded me of my younger siblings whom I love so much that I never let them know 🙂

Sometime around midnight, I heard loud, thundering noises. It had started to rain, and kept raining for hours altogether. The pitter patter continued till next day morning. Before I could slip into the anxious state & worry about rains interfering with my plans for the day, the rain gods showed mercy. Luckily, the weather cleared up for a while and we left for the Double decker bridge. And when we came back to our hotel, it was raining again.

I might not have jumped in puddles, get drenched in rains or danced out in the open when it was pouring. My heart remained joyful nonetheless as if I had done each of those things.

Second day: trek to the Double Decker Bridge:

Our visit to Cherrapunji was inspired by another major travel goal – the wish to experience the Double Decker Bridge. My family was excited but also a bit worried. 😅😅😅 Can you take a guess? They were worried if I would give up midway and transform from being an alive human to a super-exhausted bag of bones! The trek involved climbing 3500+ stairs and it was not an easy task for people like me who can sit at one place for hours. Did I say hours? No, I meant – days. 😀😀
But then, I surprised them all, and mostly myself. I trekked all the way to the bridge and came back, all right. I must have taken longer (agreed). But I made to and fro in just one day. And I am pretty proud of myself even today- for how I found the energy within me, that day especially because I have not been exercising for months then.

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Trek to Double Decker Bridge is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. And you would love it. I guarantee!

Evenings at Nohsngithiang Falls:

We spent all our evenings around Nohsngithiang Falls feasting on the strongly made, highly sweet milk tea, a pack of chips or biscuits while enjoying the fall of seven separate streams of water that are collectively called Seven Sister Falls. The first evening was more sober and calm with less people around us. The next day, the place was crowded with tourists who were jostling each other for a better view, and an even better angle for their pictures.

The next time I visit Seven Sister Falls, I will find a quiet & a clean spot, sit in Sukhasana (Easy Pose), pour hot water infused with cinnamon sticks from Munnar, in a cup, and have a silent conversation with the waterfalls while telling them all about my day.

You think that sounds crazy? 😀

Try it, ‘crazy’ is mostly a super cool act.

The last day: From Sohra to Dawki

On the third day, we woke up to the sounds of the rains once again. We had done the gruelling trek to the Double decker bridge the previous day. In the past, my legs have pained even after climbing stairs to reach waterfalls or temples. So, I was expecting a heightened sensation in my legs/ calves and feet. When I looked at my feet, I was amazed. Because my feet looked as if I had come back after having undergone an elaborate foot spa. No dead skin. No coarseness. No calluses. Just young, shining skin. Thanks to all the free fish spa we got in the waterfall at the double decker bridge. 😀

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It was our last day in Cherrapunji and we were to leave for Dawki. Every cell in my body was willing to cooperate and enjoy this beautiful state of Meghalaya. Because I had no muscle pains, no soreness & no fatigue (surprisingly). The rains might have healed me. The clouds most certainly cheered me up.

If you are planning a trip to Cherrapunji, the best time to visit is July-September. In monsoons, the place is at its best with clouds, rainfall and gorgeous waterfalls all around!


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