Coffee tales straight from Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Once upon a time, there was a country that drank tea. The country and its countrymen were happy sipping sugar-laden tea until one Baba Budan Giri decided to give Coffee to his country, and thus began the coffee journey of India. It’s being said that Baba Budan Giri brought Coffee seeds to India and planted those in Chikmagalur.

How true is this story?! I can’t comment. What I have seen though is huge fields with coffee plantation with strong and addictive smells, uplifting your moods & spirits. If there must, Chikmagalur should be the Coffee Capital of India just like Munnar is the Tea Haven.

Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Situated in the foothills of Western Ghats, the place has a cool climate, apt for Coffee plantation. Apart from the scenic beauty, winding roads and crispy air, Chikmagalur houses the highest peak of Karnataka- Mullayangiri.

Trek to Mullayangiri:

Mullayangiri is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka and offers three different versions of treks:

  1. Short trek of 3-4 hours

  2. A day long trek lasting for 8-10 hours easily

  3. Two day trek including night camping

With beautiful, scenic views all around, this looks less of a trek and more of a picnic trail. Play some music in the background and carry chai, sandwiches along with and there – memories for a lifetime!

Other than the trek, you could also spend your time exploring the history of Coffee in the Coffee museum or explore wildlife in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. And if you are a fan of water, like my folks, I recommend – Hebbe falls. The jeep that takes you to the falls gives you such an off-roading experience that a bath in the waterfalls appear much deserved treat.

Chikmagalur is a beautiful hill station, just a weekend away from Bengaluru. The whole place smells of coffee, fresh air and optimism – the kind that you often find in remote places, away from the noise and speed of urban cities. If you are planning, visit in monsoons when you can spot more shades of Green than you can count.


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