The smoky Dhuandhar Falls of Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Dhuandhar Falls are situated in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Famous for its Marble Rocks, Jabalpur is also the launchpad/ central point for the most beautiful Tiger Reserves of India such as Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench & Panna. While the best time to visit the falls is monsoons, I happened to pay a visit in December, which was also pretty. You may reach Jabalpur via a flight, train or bus. My recommendation is to club Jabalpur with a trip to Khajuraho, the erotic temples of India.

It’s not always YOU who discover places. Sometimes, some of these places discover you. This usually happens when you are pretty happy with your trip & the itinerary. You feel that you have seen it all. And just when the trip is about to end, a completely new place pops up. This place was never on your plan (or in your mind), but somehow ends up becoming the highlight of your trip. It becomes such a powerful memory that it’s all you want to talk about. This place took you by surprise. And it left you wondering, “How many such gems are hidden in this country, anyway? Would I be able to discover them all in this lifetime?”

Maybe, Yes.

Because it’s not always YOU who’s on the lookout. Some of these places are looking for YOU too.

Bhedaghat | An evergreen favourite of Bollywood

Situated by the side of the holy river, Narmada, Bhedaghat is popular for its marble rocks & the resulting gorge. Howsoever you imagine the Marble rocks, they turn out to be more beautiful in reality. It’s an experience that remains etched on your memory forever – which is probably why many Bollywood movie songs & scenes were shot here.

Remember the song – Raat ka Nasha Abhi from the movie Ashoka? Or the crocodile scene from the movie Mohanjo daro? Where do you think these were shot?

The river Narmada flows silently through the gorge, and transform into the misty & ferocious ‘Dhuandhar falls’ at a certain distance from the rocks. This is another reason why Bhedaghat is a favourite tourist destination.

Living upto its name, the Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

The water of Narmada river falls with such a force that it creates roaring sounds & balls of mist upon falling down, which is how the falls got its name Dhuandhar (Dhuan is mist, and Dhar is waterfall).

When we arrived in Jabalpur, we saw hordes of people at Dhundhar falls. Even though I am lazy, even though crowds scare me, I decided to visit the waterfalls.

It had already gotten dark when we arrived at the waterfalls. From the point where you park your car, it’s a walk of 15-20 mins. through the local art & craft shops (that mostly sell souvenirs made from marble) to the waterfalls. When I was walking towards the waterfalls, I remembered all the stories I had heard about Madhya Pradesh when I was a child & the people I met back in the 90s.

Why did no one talk about these rocks and waterfalls back then? How come we don’t hear about these places like we hear of God’s own country, Goa or Kashmir?

Or maybe they did tell us. They did say that MP was beautiful. And we chose to ignore it. Why? Because we were/ are ignorant. And that’s the thing about ignorance; it comes with a certain confidence.

I thanked the gods for giving me a suspicious mind and Bhedaghat for choosing me. As I thanked the Gods, I felt something on me. It was the mist – tiny water droplets falling on my face, settling in my hair & on my clothes. I counted it as a blessing & spent the next 10 mins. looking at the waterfalls from all angles possible.

Saying Goodbye to the falls the next morning

The next day was the last day of the trip & we had to drive back home. But before everything else, we stopped & said Hello to the waterfalls once again in daylight. It was time to go back & I was 800 km. away from home. But my heart wanted to stay. It wasn’t ready to leave as yet. And it felt that the place didn’t want me to leave either.

But it was getting late. So, we said our goodbyes and I thanked the falls for discovering me. Maybe, in a few years, we will meet again. I will be healthier & the falls will be milkier. And we both will greet each other like old friends, click pictures for memories, share what all has happened in our lives in all these years & promise to meet again in a few years.

Goodbye, Duandhar Falls

Until we meet again!

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