Away from the noise, the life in Manoribel, Mumbai

Every Monday, I drag my body with half a soul to work & begin running, only to take a pause on Friday night because the next morning won’t come with alarms and reminders. Sleeping like no one is watching on Saturdays & Sundays often help me find the rest of my missing soul, only to lose it again the next Monday. In between this soul searching, I often end up in popular eateries, quaint cafes and less crowded spots which makes the weekdays all worthwhile.

Manoribel resort by Marve beach:

One of these weekends, I spent an evening in Manoribel resort which is a weekend getaway from Mumbai & nearby Malad. 😃

What’s the property like?

Well, many Mumbaikars fall in love with this property. And I can tell you why – because this one looks like one from Goa. So, this note is for people from outside Mumbai. Here it goes:

What’s with the rooms? They are the size of my balcony, and reminded me of a lesser version of the rooms of my ancestral home. The rooms do not have a TV or a wi-fi connection. Instead, they have some painting on the wall that stares back at you when you look closely. In the garb of creating a life, away from the busyness, they have somehow ensured that you can’t access internet via your mobile network either.

One thing that is inexplicable is the giant blob of mosquito net that’s just a few ft. away from you, hanging from the top. At night, you might end up feeling that there’s someone hanging from the ceiling & watching you. What a life?!

That being said, the resort is just by the beach and you can take a walk inside the resort, or on the shoreline, watch the Sunrise, spend the evening watching the Sunset & make it all worth the money.

How to reach Manoribel:

  1. You can drive to the resort. That would take a couple of hours minimum. However, given that it’s Mumbai & many prefer to not drive during the week, this could be a good patience exercise.
  2. You can ferry to the place too, in 10 mins & 30 bucks per person. You might want to avoid it if it’s too hot (which is always in here).

What to do in Manoribel:

Eat, sleep, spend time on the beach, come back, eat again, drink and go to sleep.

You can also eat some pakodas and order Fish Fry (Yeah, I didn’t eat it, but it seemed just about right to order it). The cooks seem too good and quickly turn around a dish that you order.

If you want to go off the grid and yet feel alive for a weekend, this is the place to be!


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  1. arv! says:

    Happy to hear about your weekend escape. Would have loved some pictures, too!


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