Discover new horizons & avenues in 2019: Season’s Greetings

When I was a child, I used to worry a lot about exams. The more I would prepare, the more I would worry about scoring high in the subject & beating my dear friends in that. Of course, later in life, I figured out that the path to not worry is to not care too much. However, back then, I was a bunch of anxieties and aspirations, and wanted to prove my worth all the time – like that little puppy who would run to pick up the ball every time you would throw it. What could have been a better way to prove your worth than scoring high in exams and parading confident when the results were out?! This image naturally gave me nightmares so much so that even in the exam hall, I would do a quick scan to analyse how others are interpreting the question paper, and how much do I know (weird, right?). 😀

This went on for some years until I met one of the coolest Mathematics teachers, Mr. Amiya (who runs Maths by Amiya), who once said, “How can you know how was your exam until you write your exam. So, write it first and then evaluate”. This made sense to my ever-anxious brain & somewhat calmed me.

We don’t know how 2019 would prove to be. I have so many things to do this year, so many decisions to take. I sure am looking for a life make-over this year, and I am sure most of you had it on your mind too. We would talk about how it was on 1st January 2020, which is a Wednesday again – the day when a post goes live on Life on Weekends. Until then, focus on living, breathing, eating, drinking, making merry & travelling for travel brings you the best form of joys – pure, unadulterated & naive:

1. Witness the Khajuraho dance festival in February

Watching a classical dance performance to the tunes of classical Indian music instruments against the backdrop of gorgeous architecture, under the moon-lit sky, if gives you goosebumps, this festival is meant for you.

Khajuraho Festival Dates – 18th Feb. – 24th Feb. , 2019. Click here for details.


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2. Attend the Tulip Festival of Kashmir in April

I adore flowers – Roses, Tulips, Orchids and Lillies. And if I get to see so many of them, blooming, swaying, dancing at one place; it makes me feel as if I am flying.

Tulips of Kashmir give a close competition to those of Netherlands. Trust me on this. Do not give it a miss, for anything.

Tulip Festival dates vary per the blooming season. However, it generally happens between last week of March to mid of April.


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3. Go to Goa & live the monsoons between May – July

If you are going to office and you get drenched, it’s a spoilsport. However, if you are going nowhere in particular and plan to do nothing all day, rains are God-sent.

There’s nothing that comes close to stealing a weekend away from our crazy lives and spending it chasing monsoons or running to seek refuge amidst heavy rains, in Goa. The beaches & beers just add to everything.


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4. Scale the mountains of Leh Ladakh between June-August 

Mcleod Ganj and Ladakh were my bucket-list items. While I did Mcleod long back, Ladakh was yet to be unchecked till June 2018.

There’s no place like Ladakh in the whole world that can blow your senses away, send shivers down your spine because of sudden drop in temperature, give you goosebumps because of the bumpy, risky routes, and yet give you an experience of a lifetime.

Ladakh is much richer than its monasteries, gorgeous & pristine than Pangong Lake, mightier than Khardungla & warmer than a hug. Do plan a trip before it gets too late.

PS – When you go to Ladakh, stay in Hotel Togochey because they are the best.


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5. Explore the shades of Green while sipping the tea in Munnar in November 

I am biased for Munnar because it’s my favorite. Every time I visit to Munnar, I discover something new, some place mesmerising, some smell that would linger longer, some people better than the best, and always a meal & a cup of tea that would make me wonder, “What am I doing with my life in Delh NCR?”.

Immediately after that question, there’s a voice in my head that says, “Ah! Delhi NCR is paying you for asking such questions. So, shut the screw up, and go back so that you can come here again.”

Munnar will mesmerise you, and leave you longing. I promise.


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Roshni Sharma says:

    Hey… love all your blogs and write-ups. I don’t know, i just so can relate to them and in fact i would want to be that perfect narrator with all those emotions in it someday. Way to go girl !!!


  2. Roshni Sharma says:

    Hey… love all your blogs and write-ups. I don’t know, i just so can relate to them and in fact i would be that perfect narrator with all those emotions in it someday. Way to go girl !!!


  3. arv! says:

    you have the year planned, Yamini! awesome!


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