India beyond mountains & monuments: the incredible life

When Yann Martel won the Man Booker Prize in 2001 for his book, ‘Life of Pi’, many applauded his writing style, his imagination & the ability to build characters. Look at the protagonist – Piscine Patel, who was teased as Pissing patel, and his ingeniousness to rechristen himself as ‘Pi’. Tremendous & Terrific!

I, however, feel that it was the ‘better life’ that spruced up the novel beyond the reading experience & took us to a world where Orange Juice, the Orangutan secures a place in our hearts by his sheer orangutan nature  & when the spotted hyena kills Orange Juice, it rips off our hearts in pieces. I remember getting irritated & undergoing phantom sensation in my legs when the Grant’s Zebra gets injured or shall we say, mauled by the heartless, selfish spotted Hyena. 

My favorite was Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger, who could swim & sunbathe. That guy had a sense of privacy & personal space. It just totally connected with my introvert nature (Okay, ambivert) & I just fell for him. After establishing perimeters, Pi never felt threatened, endangered or uncomfortable. Pi, the human, could trust Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger. And that was what the most beautiful thing about the book – because it was a promise of a better life lurking around.

In my travels to the far-flung places of the country as well as to the next door’s, I absolutely loved exploring the better life that’s a reminder that the treasure is just out there. You only have to look!

Oh! Did I just steal lines from the movies, ‘Up’ & ‘Prestige’? Well! I might have been inspired. And after all, when you are travelling to India, treasure is better than adventure because the latter awaits you at every nook and corner. 🙂

Here is the better life from India:

Beach, Goa, Sand
Fresh from the sand – in Goa!
Met this furry boy on the mall road of Nainital
Camels and India – inseparable, really! This one was named Jang Bahadur, I believe – from Jaisalmer
My favorite – Puffer Fish – who puffs like a baloon as soon as she senses danger & emits a poisonous chemical. Shouldn’t touch, let alone eating. Met her in Kovalam, Kerala.
Side profile! 😉
A very bad picture taken from a running car, but the sight of free, independent deer in Bandipur National Park, Karnataka was mesmerising
parrot, national zoo
Our own – Mitthu – who sometimes speaks – and speaks only to irritate. Sadly, he was found caged in New Delhi Zoo!
The National Bird – the beautiful Peacock – also a reminder of – nothing is perfect – notice the feet. Met him in Karnataka  – some remote place I can’t remember.
He reminds me of Orange Juice. Met him in Shimla Zoo.
The best Emu Pair I have seen; again in Delhi
Wayanad, Kerala
Such style & such speed. They looked every inch gorgeous when we spotted them in Wayanad
Mullayangiri trek, Chikmangalour @Life on Weekends
Met this beauty during Mullayangiri trek, Chikmangalour @Life on Weekends
Lakshmi – the beautiful & naughty elephant met us near Kanyakumari
Mullayangiri trek, Chikmangalour @Life on Weekends
Another one during Mullayangiri trek, Chikmangalour @Life on Weekends
Gorgeous antlers! Nay? This beauty is from Bharatpur
Presenting to you the Green Pigeon. No filters! From Bharatpur, again
Looking for wi-fi signals? From Bharatpur
Yawn! What a lovely morning! From Bharatpur
“And who the hell said that I am slow?” From Bharatpur
“Can’t get enough of me, huh?” From Bharatpur
“And you thought I was only nocturnal. I can also play a chameleon.”From Bharatpur
“Yelloooo! Or say Go Green” From Bharatpur
“I am the real Green.” From Bharatpur
This beauty is from Munnar. Don’t remember her name. She cooed beautifully though.
And this one from the land of coffee, Chikmagalur, Karnataka!

Let me know how you liked the pictures or ‘the better life’. And do share any pictures that may go up here. I would love to credit you.

Cheers to travelling!


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  1. arv! says:

    Nice collection of pictures, Yamini


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thanks Arv! 🙂


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