The mighty warrior of Mewar: Rana Sangha

Chittaur hadn’t celebrated to its full yet, and destiny played its cards.  After the untimely demise of Rana Kumbha, Chittaurgarh came under dark once again and silently watched itself getting broken into parts. Now, all Chittaur had to do was wait – wait for its redemption & resurgence. Luckily, Chittaur didn’t have to wait for long. A new day arrived & before they knew, grandson of Rana Kumbha had taken control. He was no other but Rana Sangram Singh, fondly called Rana Sangha.

Rana Sangha was the wave that changed the course of History. He was one of the very few rulers who established the Kesariya flag in all neighboring states & defeated Ibrahim Lodi not just once but twice. Rana was known as the prominent Hindu King who had the potential and desire to rule the Mughal-infested Delhi Sultanate. Before he could strategize, Babur defeated Lodi and killed him. And thus began the unforgettable battle of Khanwa.

It’s said that if not for the betrayal of Silhadi & use of canons, Rana Sangha would have been victorious that day and the History of Delhi & India would have been much different from what it is today. 

But Rana Sangha lost to Babur that day. His own betrayed him. And he lacked resources. What he lacked in resources, he made up for that in determination & even after losing to Babur, he evaded capture. It’s often said that Babur lost even after winning that day because he could never lay his finger on Rana.

Rana’s resolve was rock solid & his Rajput honor was above all. Even though he was mortally wounded, he didn’t bat an eyelid & began hatching a plan to defeat Babur & claim Delhi. He was once again betrayed by his own when he breathed his last after being poisoned by his chiefs withing 6 months of the battle.

All his life, Rana fought for the honor of Chittaur. Rana lost an arm, an eye, his leg & suffered multiple wounds but he ensured Chittaur lived a life with its pride and glory, intact. And it did. It did till Rana was alive because he kept fighting but never let Chittaur down.

With Rana, Chittaur’s hope was gone too with a future that was bleak and silent. But it changed. Somebody came along galloping & thundering announcing the royal command in a style that was known to only Rajputs.


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