A life dedicated to travel

Till three years back, I used to take vacations – twice or thrice a year. Sometimes, I would go on picnics too to nearby weekend destinations such as Agra & Jaipur. I would pack a heavy bag & fill it with all kinds of vanity, countless clothes and shoes. Each vacation will precede with a shopping trip in pursuit of clothes, shoes and make-up. And why not? I would click pictures on the trip & I had to look good.

Somewhere in the end of 2014 & beginning of 2015 – when I travelled to Munnar, Goa & Rajasthan – stories got better of me.

Wherever you go in Munnar, you can smell a story topped with spices. You could pick the one you want – cardamom, cinnamon, clove or ginger.

Goa is known for cheap beer, fun beaches and expensive hobbies, but there is more to the place – the forts, churches and the architecture that reminds you of the long Portugal rule. Goa is an Indian state now, but still reeks of Portuguese style, food and habits. I guess, that’s what makes Goa even more Indian.

The actual transition happened when I travelled in Rajasthan. Beyond the colors, spicy food & ancient forts, there is a story in every nook and corner of Rajasthan. In some places, you will find them worshipping a bike & in some, local folklores will welcome you with tales of horror and supernatural.

There’s not a better feeling than being in the midst of a forest, hearing the birds and steps against dried leaves. That’s the best sound. That’s a moment. And surprisingly, you never feel the need to capture these moments on a camera. These stay in your memories forever.

I grew an appetite for stories from India & started covering the length and breadth of the country. Each story leads to another & before you know, you develop an interest in History, Flora and fauna, food, culture & architecture.

With this began my unending travel escapades and long nights spent researching the remote and unknown places of India that’s not on the travel circuit & soon #Life on Weekends was born.

With every passing year, my bucket list grows longer & I add on to the treasure trove of memories. Because I got places to be.

Crepe Pancake, McLeod Ganj @Life on Weekends
Crepe Pancake, McLeod Ganj @Life on Weekends

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  1. alankey83 says:

    I think a love of travelling starts out this way for a lot of people, going to places because ‘why not’ and actually realising you enjoy doing it. You start to learn more specifically what and where you enjoy, and these won’t always be the places you visited because ‘why not’.

    I started visiting capital cities in Europe because, well, it sounded like a fun idea. Don’t get me wrong, I like cities but as I have developed I try and find smaller towns that you would otherwise pass through on the train without a second thought. Linlithgow and Stirling in Scotland, rather than Edinburgh being a recent example.

    Enjoy your travels!


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Well, how true. I totally echo what you have to say. More power to you!


  2. Loved reading this piece ☺️. I have recently done Goa, it was full 7 days of Sun, Sand and Sun. It was awesome. However Rajasthan has a special place in my travel experiences. It’s just incredible. And yes, Himachal without any second thought. ☺️
    Cheers to Travel, Charu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you, Charu for your comment 🙂


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