Riding down memory lane, my first trip to Pondicherry in 2013!

Today, I am going to talk about my visit to Pondicherry back in 2013. It’s a special trip because I planned it four months in advance, and saved a fixed portion from my salary every month, while proudly defaulting on my education loan EMI. Just a week before the trip, a big launch was planned at work, and I have been working towards making that happen. Everything was happening like clock work, and I happily reached Puducherry with a bag full of amazing clothes and a heart full of desires. By the way, do you know how I thought of ‘Pondicherry’ of all the places?

How should you spend time in Auroville if you don’t meditate?

Back in 2013, after completing a huge project, I went on a break for 10 days out of which I decided to spend 3 in Puducherry. After the release of ‘Life of Pi’  in 2012, I have been rooting to experience the ‘French’ touch, they say exists in Puducherry (I am going to call it…