Where all that shines is Gold: Jaisalmer

The land is barren and the farms are dry. The weather is harsh and the temperature is very high. You would think that this can mar the spirits of the locals. But no ma’am, no. You are wrong. The place beams, the buildings shine & the locals,the locals sparkle under the hot Sun with a…

Majestic Thar: Sam, Sand & Sun in Jaisalmer

When you are finally in the Thar, there is nothing but sand all around. Camels merge with the sand & the only thing that stands out is the stroke of colors – Colorful beads around the suave camel neck, colorful attires of ladies singing & dancing, colorful bands in the sky before, during & after the sunset. You might not know but there exists a romantic in you. And that romantic manifests in the Thar.