A weekend trip to the British Summer Capital – Shimla

I remember the new year of 2018. One of my many resolutions were to grow my Instagram followership by posting daily. Did it grow? Yes, but not substantially. It just feels like yesterday- scrolling my Instagram feed & looking at my ever-stagnant Twitter followers on the 31st of 2017. And it’s September of ’18 already. In another two months, I would complete 4 years of being ‘happily married’. And in 2.5 months, I would age by +1. Truths of Life!

People usually prefer to wake up when September ends. I like to travel before September ends. And in that spirit of being an eternal nomad (not sure if these words make sense :D), here is a weekend itinerary to catch hold of some moments before they slip too.

Steal some, live some & treasure some – before September ends, in the hills, on the roads, inside the cafes & in the midst of the gardens of Shimla. Here is a two day itinerary:

Day 0: Reach Shimla via Kalka

Kalka is where all the fun starts. Be very particular about the 5 hour ride from Kalka to Shimla. Many would go gaga about the toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla. But restless souls & Munnar lovers like yours truly would recommend to drive all the way from Kalka to Shimla. Ditch the toy train. It’s not that scenic anyway if you have explored the Western Coast of India.

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Toy train, Shimla @Life on Weekends

If you start a night before or early morning, you will reach Shimla easily by 3 pm or 4 pm. In the evening, go for a walk down the famous Mall road of Shimla & enjoy the hilly & bumpy scenes. Park yourself in any cafe & eat to your heart’s contents.Just be touristy!

Shimla, Mall roadShimla, mall road

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh @Life on Weekends

Day 1: Breathe in the fine air of Mashobhra & lose yourself in the forests of Naldehra

Wake up early morning & experience the gardens of Mashobhra – on the way to Naldehra. Catch sights of hills and mountains far, far away & click as many pictures as you want.

You would probably have seen better gardens elsewhere, but it’s not what is visible, that matters. What matters is where you are and in whose company. And if you got that sorted, Mashobhra would appear decent. And if you don’t have that, what are you complaining for? Any company is decent company for you, and Mashobhra is definitely decent. 😉

In the afternoon, go to the golf club of Naldehra. Walk, do some horse riding, indulge in activities, eat Maggi and drink Chai. And relax!

Just relax.

Just soak in the afternoon Sun, talk to a completely random stranger & pretend to be someone else. It’s fun. 😀

Mashobhra, ShimlaMashobhra, ShimlaMashobhra, ShimlaMashobhra, ShimlaMashobhra, ShimlaNaldehra, Shimla Naldehra, Shimla Naldehra, Shimla

Naldehra, Shimla
Naldehra, Shimla
Little sister trying to be a monkey

In the evening, visit the Lakkad Bazaar, explore the wooden artefacts, buy some, negotiate over some, and click pictures. There’s also a matar-kulcha wala over there. Do try his matar kulcha. Nothing to die for. And if you are from Delhi NCR, you have had better chaats, but do try. Being a Delhite, you would love to push people around & get that prized matar kulcha.

Lakkad Bazaar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh @Life on WeekendsLakkad Bazaar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh @Life on Weekends

Day 2: Kufri, Chail & Jhaku Temple

On the second day, begin with Kufri if you are feeling particularly adventurous. Plan an early morning pony-trek. The pony would wade its way through mud and amongst other competitive ponies and would take you to the top. But mind you, it would be less of an adventure and more of a dangerous dare. Ride at your own risk.

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After making it back safely from Kufri, go to Chail & explore the Chail palace where Three Idiots was shot. Yes, the movie was shot there. Have lunch in the Chail restaurant. It’s a fancy meal served in clean Chinaware on dirty linen for exorbitant prices. But hey! Everyone else is enjoying. So, you would do too.

In the evening, bow your head in Jhaku temple – riddled with menacing monkeys. Those who couldn’t have their fill of adventure in Kufri in the morning, must visit Jhakhu & experience the screeching sounds of Lord’s beings. 🙂

Chail Palace, Shimla

Chail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, ShimlaChail Palace, Shimla

Jhaku Temple, Shimla @Life on weekends

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The day the trip ended, I started getting anxious for I had pending assignments, looming timelines and difficult conversations – all waiting for me at work. At that time, even this weekend trip seemed impossible. But today, when I look back, I congratulate myself for I took that weekend and made something out of it – that’s going to last with me, forever unlike those many weekends that got spent away working or worrying about work.

So, don’t worry. Life is unfair. People are nasty. Failures are inevitable. Disappointments are infinite. But it all matters until you do your thing.

So, just do it.

Bon Voyage!

Mashobra, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh @Life on Weekends


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