A weekend trip to the British Summer Capital – Shimla

I remember the new year of 2018. One of my many resolutions were to grow my Instagram followership by posting daily. Did it grow? Yes, but not substantially. It just feels like yesterday- scrolling my Instagram feed & looking at my ever-stagnant Twitter followers on the 31st of 2017. And it’s September of ’18 already….

15 gems from 15 states of Incredible India: travel today!

As most of you know, Life on Weekends was born in the November of 2015. And since then, I have been blogging on and off, but travelling constantly. I began as a naive traveller who would want to holiday anywhere (and everywhere) glamorous, dress well & click pictures (tons of it), and spam my Facebook…

The pursuit of tea & the road to Munnar!

I am never alone. Because I always have a cup of tea to keep me company. I was 8 when I had my first cup of tea. It was a monsoon evening with a clear but clouded day. I played ‘nine tiles’ that evening. After an hour, I came back home a winner but drenched. …

The Chai that never disappoints: Meri wali Chai at Chaayos

Come winters and my daily count of Chai (tea) soars like the weighing machine scale every morning. These days, I am on a count of 5-7 mugs of ginger-brewed tea with cinnamon powder sprinkled on the top. The ginger must be brewed for 2 mins. before adding tea leaves (powder) or you don’t get the flavor right. And…

A sip of happiness: Kulhar Chai

They say that you can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a cup of tea. And that’s almost the same thing. Isn’t it? 🙂 The world is full of tea lovers who will do anything and everything provided you bring them a cup of tea. And tea love is the best love in this world….

Conversations & Camaraderie over Chai at Cha Bar, Delhi

I grew up in a middle class, north indian, baniya family. We celebrate everything over chai. People have come over lunch – we make tea. They have had lunch – we offer tea. They have stayed back till evening – we force tea. And once they have gone, we soothe ourselves over sips of tea.

Waah Chai: from the diary of a tea addict!

Sunrise, showers, morning, winters, evenings, gossips, hill stations, Sunday afternoons, today & everyday, a cup of chai (tea) is for every time & for every one! Captures straights from the Tea Museum, Munnar – the land of tea estates!