The Scotland of India: Coorg, Karnataka

“Why don’t you go to Europe? It’s gorgeous.”

“If you can’t afford Europe, explore Asia. That’s equally beautiful too.”

“What’s so great about India that you take every other trip domestic only.”

And if you think that, you clearly haven’t explored India because you can draw parallels between every other foreign exotic location and an Indian place.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra & Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh remind you of Grand Canyon, while the Tulips from Kashmir give tough competition to those of Netherlands. A ride in Alleppey or Kumarakom will bring more pleasure than that in Venice. Khajjiar from Himachal Pradesh & Mini Switzerland in Pahalgam, Kashmir can create an almost similar experience that you would have in Switzerland. And that would be here – in your own country.

We have the second highest Paragliding site in BirBilling in Himachal. Oh, I can go on and on.

India is beautiful everywhere & replete with experiences that will thrill you to the pores. You only have to LOOK.

Because India nahin dekha to kuch nahin dekha!


An overnight journey from Bangalore & you reach this pretty hill stations that smells of coffee, blessed with milky waterfalls, gorgeous landscapes and terrains & beams with pride for the river Kaveri originated from this place.

You could easily plan a 3 day retreat in Kodagu (or Coorg), drink coffee, enjoy the most amazing sceneries, (almost) bathe in Abbey Waterfalls, buy spices & chocolates, revel in shimmering Sunrise and calming Sunsets at Rajaji Seat & have amazing conversations with locals who incidentally are trained in martial arts.



Talacauvery – where the river Kaveri originates. Never would you find a temple that would be nestled between thick trees which in-turn lead to nano-treks lasting 10-12 mins culminating with gorgeous, scenic views that would refresh your system better than any detox/ spa.

Beware, your lungs might not be used to pump such abundant and pure air.




If you are in Karnataka or near Bangalore/ Mysore, a trip to Kodagu is sacrosanct. You owe this to yourself.

After all, they don’t call Kodagu the Scotland of India, for nothing.

Drop me a note at if you need help planning a trip to Kodagu, Mysore or Bangalore.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nysha Singh says:

    Coorg is definitely the Scotland of India. Beautifully captured !


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you Nysha 🙂


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