The pursuit of tea & the road to Munnar!

I am never alone. Because I always have a cup of tea to keep me company. I was 8 when I had my first cup of tea. It was a monsoon evening with a clear but clouded day. I played ‘nine tiles’ that evening. After an hour, I came back home a winner but drenched. …

The Chai that never disappoints: Meri wali Chai at Chaayos

Come winters and my daily count of Chai (tea) soars like the weighing machine scale every morning. These days, I am on a count of 5-7 mugs of ginger-brewed tea with cinnamon powder sprinkled on the top. The ginger must be brewed for 2 mins. before adding tea leaves (powder) or you don’t get the flavor right. And…

A sip of happiness: Kulhar Chai

They say that you can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a cup of tea. And that’s almost the same thing. Isn’t it? 🙂 The world is full of tea lovers who will do anything and everything provided you bring them a cup of tea. And tea love is the best love in this world….

Conversations & Camaraderie over Chai at Cha Bar, Delhi

I grew up in a middle class, north indian, baniya family. We celebrate everything over chai. People have come over lunch – we make tea. They have had lunch – we offer tea. They have stayed back till evening – we force tea. And once they have gone, we soothe ourselves over sips of tea.

Waah Chai: from the diary of a tea addict!

Sunrise, showers, morning, winters, evenings, gossips, hill stations, Sunday afternoons, today & everyday, a cup of chai (tea) is for every time & for every one! Captures straights from the Tea Museum, Munnar – the land of tea estates!