50 shades of green in Munnar!

If life can be arid like the deserts of Rajasthan, or tropical like the beaches of Chennai and Puducherry, it can also be poetic, romantic & dreamy like Munnar, the pretty hill station of Kanan Devan Hills, Idukki in God’s own country, Kerala.

The mornings of Munnar are the most poetic when the golden Sun shines on the vast expanse of green, tea plantation. The air becomes particularly balmy & you find yourself surrounded by white, translucent mist of mystery that arouses your curiosity. You inhale the crisp air breath by breath while the mischievous mist engulfs you slowly. At that moment, the whole Munnar beams like the early morning dew drops on the soft green leaves.  That’s the green of admiration, beauty and optimism where the world is utopian and you can’t wait for the day to unfurl.

If the mornings are poetic, the days are romantic with a blue, cosmic sky; emerald green hill stretching till infinity & the shimmering, silver oak trees everywhere else. If you look closely, you discover an eternal love affair in Munnar where the blue cosmos adores the green of sprawling hills; the green in-turn is compassionate for the silver of oak trees and the silver has all the love to offer to the flora and fauna of Munnar.

That’s when you throw caution in the wind & forget everything to lose yourself in the romantic lush-green hillocks of Munnar. You may choose a spot for yourself and lie on the moss green carpet & within seconds, you would feel a wave of compassion comforting you exactly like your favorite blanket does in winters. Don’t hesitate to close your eyes and relax your senses for Munnar has just started to love you back.

The day grows and so does your passion for beloved Munnar. The emerald of morning and moss green of noons begin to look like olives at farther distances and teal from close. As the dark ushers in, you are prepared to welcome new hues of green and can distinguish one tone from another. You can hear the story of every shade of green & can feel what it means. The air grows colder in the evenings making you crave a warm hug & the company of your beloved in the passionate Munnar.

The nights of Munnar are dreamy like the famous painting, ‘Starry nights’ of Vincent Van Gogh- the golden is from the residual sun rays, the blue is of the indigenous Neelakurinji flower of Munnar (that grows once in 12 years)and in the background are the youthful tea plantations that have drifted to slumber till the first ray of Sun falls on them & wakes them up with a bang of avocado green.

Munnar is as beautiful as a newlywed bride, as romantic as the beginnings of a love affair and as happy as the company of a child. While you may plan a visit to Munnar with self or others, I recommend you to travel to Munnar with your beloved in early November & experience the romance & passion that’s present in the evergreen Munnar, together

 Travel Guide: Munnar

Best season to visit: November to February season is the best albeit Munnar remains picturesque all throughout the year.

Where to stay: Kevalayam resort  – run by a Gujrati couple, the resort offers the most pristine views of Munnar. The hosts are gracious, the place beautiful and the experience blissful. If you are on honeymoon, this is the place to be.

Where to eat: Rapsy restaurant – a small set-up that serves the best food in whole Munnar. For breakfast, however, do go to Saravana Bhawan that serves the best idli, sambhar, dosa & veg meal that I have ever eaten.

Top three places to visit in Munnar:

  • Top station
  • Mattupetty dam
  • Eravikulam National Park

If you got time, do pay a visit to Munnar Tea Museum and watch how tea leaves are dried, processed and converted into the tea that we thrive on. The museum also sells flavored tea (full of sugar). A few cups will result in a sugar rush. 😀

What to buy: Spices, Tea, banana and jackfruit chips and essential oils.

Do not try: Buffet of Grand Plaza, Munnar. Their ladyfinger tasted like I was eating a dead animal. Their sweets could very well be served as starters with salt sprinkled on them. It took two to tear a roti into pieces. I can’t recall a single dish from their buffet that tasted like food.






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  1. drkapadiad says:

    Really a nice travel blog 👍
    I visited Munnar 2 years back.. I also have great memories of Munnar but your blog has made me revisit n Re View Munnar..
    Great way of writing.. specially d way play with colours.. n shades of d same colour..
    One suggestion for u.. with all due respect n admiration for what u write.. please try to avoid repeating words n phrases..
    hope u know d law of diminishing returns..
    I really loved it.. Thank you for showing me Munnar again..


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Hahaha. Suggesting accepted with gratitude. I can understand.

      Thanks for the tip. Munnar is indeed a great place. 🙂 I am going there in August again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is really mindblowing


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