Shades of Karnataka: a photo story

India is more than the beaches of Goa, the picturesque mountains and lakes of Ladakh, the backwaters of Kerala and the hill stations of Shimla and Ooty. India is definitely more than that. Each of the 29 states offers a different experience to the traveller inside you. All you got to do is – explore. Explore and live the weekends of your life in eternal bliss – in the lap of mountains, amidst the company of waves, on the top of hills and in the middle of dense forests. And you don’t even have to go to many states to experience all this. Plan your next weekend trip to Karantaka & choose the experience you want – hill stations, temples and caves, waterfalls, national parks or beaches. Take your pick. Karnataka has everything that you can ask for. In fact, Karnataka has more than you can ask for.

1. For the green mountains and greener hills:

Karnataka gives you many choices of hill stations. Lose yourself in Coorg, widely known as the Scotland of India, on your next vacation. My adventure-freak friends can plan treks to the hills of Chikmangalur & click gorgeous photographs.







2. For the temples & caves:

Karnataka is home to the most exquisite temples of the world with find carvings and stonework. You would not find a better art anywhere else in the world. I guarantee.

Aihole temples
Aihole temples
The ancient temples of Patadakkal, Karnataka @Life on Weekends
The ancient temples of Patadakkal, Karnataka @Life on Weekends


Somnathpur Temple

3. For the milky waterfalls: 

I have always liked waterfalls as much as I liked beaches. Waterfalls are musical. And some are magical like Jog falls in Shimoga.




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4. For the mighty forests and national parks: 

Karnataka is full of natural beauty – mountains, treks, national parks and forests. My favorite are: Kudremukh National Park (plan a trek if you can) & Bandipur National Park (a safari is a must).

Kudremukh national park
Bandipur National Park life on weekends
Bandipur national park

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5. For a dip, and the beaches:

Think beaches and ‘Goa’ comes to mind. The next time you plan to take a dip in the sun-kissed waves, think Karnataka. The beaches here might not be dotted with shacks and bars, but will quench the thirst of a traveller. Have a look:



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  1. Fortunately, I have covered all the places you mentioned above and i so agree with you that karnatka has it all. Beautifully described with amazing pictures. !


    1. Just Yamini says:

      🙂 You have covered all. Is it? 🙂


      1. Yes, most of them !! 😉


  2. Beautiful article Yamini. You’re right, Karnataka is a treasure house of nature & history. My favourite has to be the dense forests of Kudremukh😊


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Thank you Divya. Yes, Karnataka is gorgeous.

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