Food walk down the lanes of Vrindavan, Mathura!

Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

I took this way seriously. And I am adamant to become the best of the best which is why I eat, gorge & binge. I have been through sizes – from ‘S’ to ‘XL’ – back to ‘S’ & then ‘M’. However, all this while, I never stopped dreaming about food. My days invariably begin with food/ breakfast & end with elaborate dinner.

When I go on a vacation, I delete the word – ‘calories’ from my dictionary. All I remember is – food, tea, food, coffee, sweets, food, tea & some coffee & some sight seeing in the midst of this.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Vrindavan, Mathura. Here are a few recommended dishes that one must eat when visiting the House of the God!

1.Paranthas (Indian Stuffed Bread)

Paranthas (Indian Bread) is a must try dish in all hill stations for they cook it with so much love and butter (Oh, butter!). You will find many food joints serving paranthas in the narrow lanes of Vrindavan. Do eat each of the stuffed ones – Paneer (Cottage cheese), Aloo (Potatoes), Pyaaj (Onion) & Gobhi (Cauliflower).


2. Chaat (Medley of Tastes over a Potato Patty)

The old, dingy lanes of Vrindavan serve the spiciest & yummiest Chaats (medley of fried potato patty sprinkled with curd, sauces & other crispy stuff). You get a variety to choose from. Some serve it with groundnuts & some serve it crispy with their aloo tikki (potato patty) deep fried. One plate is never enough.


3.Kachori (Indian Patty)

Eat the crispiest and flakiest Kachoris (fried, fluffy patty), served with hot, steaming aloo ki sabji. That’s a deadly combination; recommended for breakfast. Two Kachoris with a bowl full of aloo ki sabji (spicy, potato curry)  leave you happy & gay for hours altogether.


4.Lassi (Yogurt based drink)

I though that Lassi was a specialty of Punjab and Haryana until I visited Vrindavan. Gulp down all the food with a large tumblr of lassi. And you would always remember the taste.


5. Jalebi (Indian Pretzel)

Jalebi goes with everything – Samosas, Kachoris or Chaat. It’s absolutely divine to eat a jalebi – hot, steamy, juicy. The best part is – when you take a bite from a large one & the juice overflows; it’s absolutely divine!

Top your breakfast/ lunch with some jalebis & forget the worldly woes for some time.


6. Pedas (An Indian Dessert)

Pedas are an India sweet made of flour & sugar. Pedas are a specialty item of Mathura. If you visit Vrindavan/ Mathura, you must eat pedas. 

Pack a few kgs. for your friends and family. They would love you for it.






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  1. Kiran says:

    Indian delicacies and Indian sizes go hand in hand. What a guilt-full description. I loved reading it.


    1. Just Yamini says:

      It is guilt-full, but a tumblr of lassi will delight you a lot. Let’s go to Vrindavan, some day.


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