Full of Eerie: Chunar Fort, Mirzapur

The Assistant Director of Gangs of Wasseypur died while filming at Chunar Fort, Mirzapur. The local priest says that he continuously flouted the rules of the fort in spite of numerous warnings & thus met his fate. 

A travel enthusiast couple visits the fort & meets a guide who shows them the dungeons where they held prisoners captive back then. The execution room next to the dungeons saw many cases where young & old were tortured to treacherous deaths. The couple thought, they heard someone in the execution room. However, they shook that thought off as a figment of their imagination & turned back to talk to their guide. But when they turned back, they saw no one. The guide went back to where it came from – thin air. 

The walls of the fort are said to be impregnable. The fort holds many secrets that are not known to people outside the fort. Those who live inside the fort are not seen to naked eyes but only heard & felt. As you go inside the fort, you feel watched. You experience the presence of someone below your neck & sometimes on your shoulder.

The fort has a history of violence & supernatural & many have reported the presence of supernatural in this ancient fort of Chunar, situated in Mirzapur town, some 40 kms. away from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

History of Chunar Fort:

Chunar fort never belonged to one ruler. Over a duration of 500 years, it got transferred from the Mughal emperor Humayun to the founder of Sur empire, Sher Shah Suri. It was again captured by the Mughals when Akbar took it under his reign – only to be transferred to the Nawabs of Awadh. The fort even saw the British rule for a short time period.

The fort has a history of changing rulers & changing dynasties & now stands still in a remote area devoid of taxis, travel & tourism. 

Popular Legends:

Legend has it that the hill of Chunar fort is the place where Bawan Bhagwan, placed his first step while asking for three feet of land from King Bali. 

As per another legend, King Vikramaditya (famous from Baital Pachisi) of Ujjain built this fort for his brother Bharthari. It is believed that saint Bhatinath still lives here in an invisible form.

Visit to Chunar Fort:

You may visit Chunar any day before 7 o’ clock. It’s some 40 kms. away from Varanasi. Hire a cab from Varanasi & visit Chunar. Don’t stay back in the fort premises after 7 p.m.

Word of Caution:

Don’t respond to the voices if you hear any. Don’t continue staring at the dark & dingy corners. If you hear or see someone, don’t wait to validate. Just come out of the place. Stick together when you visit the fort – even during the day.

Do not stay in the fort premises after the sunset. 

Picture Courtesy: Ganga Travels


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  1. Sonal Sahai says:

    It is not only the Chunar Fort, there are quite a few more forts around Chunar in Mirzapur District with mysterious history, Secret tunnels, Cave paintings, Reservoirs – Water falls, Salkhan Fossil Park (Oldest and Largest in world), and top of all Maa Vindhvasini Devi Temple. This area is the Power Generation Hub of India(Hydro & Thermal – Solar ).
    Lastly , Chunar Fort is the oldest continuously occupied fort of the world.
    Together with Benaras and Chunar , this area is astonishingly different. For example- in Benaras/Varanasi the Holy Ganges flows from South to North.. ” Uttar-Vahini Ganga”.


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Absolutely 🙂 You seem like you have been to Benaras quite many times, or are you from there?


  2. Kiran says:

    Interesting facts and figures. Very impressed with the detailing. I am sure i will never visit this place. I don’t know if I am being watched reading this also. (Goose bumped 😛)


    1. Just Yamini says:

      Hahaha Kiran. Again, a better comment than the post. No, never visit the place.
      But you can visit Varanasi, it’s old & rustic & serves the best tea in a Kullahd. You would love it.


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