The dance of holy love and divine passion, Krishna Raasleela at Nidhivan, Vrindavan

Madhuvan Main Jo Kanhaiya Kisi Gopi Se Mile
 Kabhi Muskaaye Kabhee Chhede Kabhee Baat Kare
 Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale
 Aag Tan Man Me Lage
 Radha Kaise Na Jale, Radha Kaise Na Jale’

The decorated flute plays tunes of love, the peacock wing sways hither & thither, the surroundings are filled with a milieu of sounds – the sound of anklets, the clanking of bangles, the tunes of Prem Raag, the taps of dancing feet – it’s the dance of love and passion & it’s the famous – Krishna Raas Leela. 

When I visited Nidhi Van:

A couple of weeks back, we visited the city of Gods – Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh wherein I got the opportunity of visiting Nidhi Van. While the guide went on and on – expounding on the mircales of Lord Krishna, I was smitten by the place. The temperature was easily touching 29-30 degrees Celsius, the ground was hot, the monkeys were snatching things & my throat was parched. I didn’t have breakfast & my head was throbbing because I didn’t get my morning tea either. This was no setting to enjoy a place as divine as Nidhivan. Still, I felt something there. Something – that can’t be expressed in words. Some divine intervention, some not-natural force & utter positive energy. 

The time stands still in Nidhi Van:

The place makes you stay. You would be hungry, thirsty & not well, but you would want to stand & catch a glimpse of a seemingly simple setting. I am a restless person & usually hurry through the sight seeing spots because I have a checklist to go through.However, at Nidhi Van, things change. The words – fast, hurry, skip, run – cease to exist here.


Here, at Nidhi Van, you want to sit cross-legged, close your eyes & think about nothing. Extreme restless souls like mine find peace of mind & soul here. That’s a miracle. 

Local Legends say the Gods dance here at night, every night:

The priests keep tooth brushes, a jug of water and other trivia at night for the Gods to use. They close the temple at 5 pm & all entries to the temple premises after evening are prohibited.

They say that lord Krishna comes to the place every night & perform Raas leela with Goddess Radha & all her gopis all night long. In the morning, all the stuff that the priest kept a day before, appears used and open. 

No one knows what’s right and what’s not. No one refutes the story openly & no one claims to have experienced it first hand. 

But somehow, the belief strengthens with each passing day. Most of us have felt a divine power in the place. Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna!

Note: Sadly, the monkeys didn’t let me click any pic over there. With great difficulty, I clicked the cover pic. And that’s about it. 😦 Monkeys snatch your mobiles, goggles, spex, purses there. Be careful!

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